Darius Barazandeh: Dialogue with Remarkable Souls


April 5th, 2021
5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern



Our Dialogues With Remarkable Soul continues in 2021 with Series 2. We have an incredible lineup of 5 amazing presenters whom I know you will enjoy not only their spiritual presence but also what they have to say about How To Move Through The 2021 Planetary Changes In Divine Flow While Aligning With Your Soul Purpose.

The free Zoom video presentations will be Live and spontaneous as Kenji probes the deeper meaning of awakening with these 5 thought leaders and shift changers. These DWRS series can be a valuable treasure for your library and can serve as a tool of remembrance on how to navigate through the earth changes with ease and grace.

Darius Barazandeh’s personal bio

Darius M. Barazandeh is the CEO founder of You Wealth Revolution, the world largest online energy healing and transformational event.

From near death to breakthrough, Darius was awakened to a gift.

Through 2 journeys into 7th and 8th dimensional awareness…

and a motorcycle crash in 2008…

Darius awakened to the higher dimensional ascension secrets of the soul, reality and leaving the 3D matrix.

Since then Darius has been in contact with a collective of guides called the Arcturian Dimensional Alignment Matrix (A.D.A.M.), as well as many other guides and higher dimensional beings on light.

Darius’ You Wealth event has touched more than 3 million lives in more than 190 countries and beyond transformational education Darius and the You Wealth Revolution has donated more than 50,000+ meals to starving children all over the planet.

You can learn more, sign up for Season 21 event, and get a FREE Mp3 gift to help you: