Australian Quantum Infinite Wave Initiation Collection

This Activation Series initiates you into the Quantum Infinite Wave carried by Sacred Sites you have already been to or will go to.

Experience vortices of Uluru in Australia, Mt Shasta & Grand Tetons in USA, Machu Picchu in Peru, Glastonbury in the UK, Lake Louise & the Rockies in Canada, Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and Abydos in Egypt.

Become familiar with the protocols to securely present yourself into this Energetic Gate Way of Now.

Here, in the Quantum are infinite and heightened possibilities, modalities for direct manifestations and healing outcomes, where miracles are new normalities across all bodies, mental, physical, emotional, causal, and etheric.

With momentum, these activations position you with assurance for your New Earth Status whilst Divinely protected – you are opening your embodiment to hold more and expanded light.

If you are seeking resurrection of your body, harmonious mind-body connection, to reclaim your gifts without question or diminishment, to shine your light and live with Sovereignty defer to this Activation Collection for ease and Grace for reunification of all you deemed split.

Shadow aspects are reconciled, what is seemingly helpless is saved, limitations are dissolved and cosmic infinities are yours for access.

Here you abridge the Kingdoms of Heaven on Earth and run Divine and Galactic currents at will.

Reconstruct your current reality with ease as you release all burdens and maladies with Grace.

Inclusively, your ancestors and your family members are always invited to share in the healing recovering aspects for the dynamic syncing for all.

Communing with your Soul & Healing Team, all is well as your sacred entitlement calls.

Attune your channel with upgrades and enhancements, consciously and spontaneously transmit heightened energies through the power of your own touch and healing hands with confident, clear vision from all levels.


Kenji’s Australian Quantum Infinite Wave Initiation Collection offers you:

● Protocols to Access the Quantum

● High Level Manifestation Tools

● Mind Body Connectivity

● Guidance Messages for Answers & Clarity

● Left & Right Brain Hemisphere Reunification

● Purification & Inner Child Resolutions/Completions

● Life Purpose Understanding with Geographical Context

● Miracle Frequencies

● Cosmic Reach for Limitless Possibilities & New Reality Outcomes

● Psychic Gift Reclamation & Integration

● Finding your Soul Community & Belonging on Earth

Your gifts are no longer hidden here, they are your tools for your modes of operation for New Earth experience & navigation.

Receive your blessings without reluctance.

“You do TRULY MAGNIFICENT work… the content, the instruments, the energetic answers you extend across all realms is BEYOND measure & SO exquisitely poignant & specifically current to micro&macro needs of humanity.”
– Mary Z, Sydney, Australia

“Thank you Kenji Kumara for an awesome group meeting activation. I highly recommend Kenji.”

– D.C.H., Australia

“Your healing work is exquisite, deeply felt, blissful, and amazing like no other.  I felt other dimensions and realms. I consider you a master in your field. Your work has changed my life.”

Dianne, massage therapist


Northcote Town Hall 1 - 26 minutes

Quantum Door to Crystalline Bodily Revitalisation for Your New Earth Transition


This activation is your foundational protocol setting space to prepare bodily adjustment, mental surrender in emotional calm with spiritual security for your quantum access.  

Herein lays your introductory experience to conscious quantum energies where you are knowingly held in High Safety with the eternal 4 Pillars of Light, Your Guardian Angels & in the company of your Divine & Healing Troupe.

So too you are electrically aligned with the power of Gaia & the charge of the Great Central Sun specifically fulfilling your personal prescription for vitality, wellness & nourishment.

Intrinsic cellular needs with enriched plasma for revitalisation are met connecting anti-aging restoration & healthful balance across all organs, hormonal, brain, blood, lymphatic & metabolic flows.

Learn to set & reinforce your elevated circuit pattern in this activation for optimising activated light healing & well-being to normalise, balance & charge where & as needed.

Loving support & presence reinforce your Light Force, embedding a protective shield across all biological & energetic structures.

Recalibration for the pineal gland appropriate for your New Earth receipt status is available here.

Divine harmony at your spine base for your earthly security is reaffirmed.

Cosmic energies, knowing for codes & sacred geometrics address technologically & environmentally caused interference on all levels of subtle bodies & brain inclusively.

Ancestors living & passed receive accordingly.

Northcote Town Hall 2 - 28 minutes

Quantum Access for Your Ascension Step Ladder Security

(Your Gateway to Ascension Assimilation)


This is Guidance to open & prepare your channel for receipt of New Earth vibration & status.

Switch on your awareness to creating a safe space to receive & recognise quantum energies whilst earth anchored. Your Gateway to Ascension assimilation is supported sympathetically here holding you centred & calm no matter the earthly challenges during your transition.

You are Divinely protected & in the company of your Soul Group, tribe, kindred spirits & all families.

Psychic foundations are rainbow-light infused for balance & harmony & reinforced for all your gifts for your now Self & for your future Selves.

Base chakra energies are upgraded for micro & macro spinal & structural receipt. Foundational bones are expelled of any bodily heaviness.

Knowingly rebalance your capacities & flow for both your giving & receiving exchanges to operate as One for authentic Life Force benefit & fluency here.

Your Original 8 Cells are immaculately reunited to harmonise, revitalise & receive reactivation for all of your current compositions – body, chemical, cellular.

Divine reunion of your masculine & feminine is offered.

Mental body receives Joy energy igniting unimagined innate abilities issued with timing perfected for you.

Heart ailments are comforted & relieved of pain, suffering, loneliness, depression, worry, doubt & fear.

Hand chakra congestion is released as your caring karma to return to you for your own personal healing.

Your voice & hands are free to express the power of Joy & your Soul’s expression, always in all ways.

Your Guardian Angel message is offered here for your next level awakening.

Enhancements & expansions increase at future repeat listening.

Northcote Town Hall 3 - 40 minutes

Entry to Cosmic Conversation - Galactic Dialogue for Your Infinite Possibilities

Mind Body Heart Connection (Next Level Higher Healing Installations)


The reason you are here for this incarnation is presented for your awareness in this activation.

Dissipate clouded vision on all levels & brain fog for clarity with the power of breath & light.

Theta & delta brainwaves induce calm, bodily relaxation with Arch Angel Light Field protection.

Light flow circuit is guided through all bodily tissues & auric range to sync awareness into The Stillness state where emotional, mental & tribal consciousness is detached.

Infinite possibilities are known, exponentially with increased relaxation as you recognise & access your Heart Still Point.

This is your space to commune with your cosmic support & Galactic connections in the presence of your Soul Group & support. Appropriate to your willingness you are able to further strengthen & realign your psychic structures to hold light for your organ, structural, endocrine & immune system healing.

Sacred geometric receipt is available at your instruction for your energetic field.

Body health, life purpose clarity, relationship guidance manifestations can be created here as you collapse unconscious resistance, fears, doubts with your Guardian Angel, Guides, Soul Group & Higher Self to dissolve worry, overwhelm, anxiety, hypersensitivity, lack of focus stemming from early childhood, traumatic relationships personal/work, money attitudes & past lives.

Deepen the body’s capacity to receive healing light. Emerge levels of low self-esteem & pain patterns into the oneness to be transmuted with power & compassion & ease via archaic amplification from sacred earth energies for mind body connectivity.

Body pain is always a call for love, self-love generation is opportune here.

Cellular change through the power of consciousness is partnered with the Violet Flame to remove all blockages as the veil is lifted in kind for you, allowing fundamental healing as you will it.

Expanded & elevated heart intelligence is received activating your healing chambers to release & receive perfectly - expelling outdated health paradigms & plugging into higher level, dignified templates.

This is your karmic reward.

Heart creativity is attuned to your vocal expression - charged by your power centre - automated through your activated healing hands. Spontaneous giving & receiving of healing with your direct hand contact is elevated to new levels here, for others, animals, earth & for your Self.

Next level higher healing installations.

Sorrento 1 - 34 minutes

Holy Spirit Receipt for Ascension Uplift

Himalayan & Australian crystalline energies are woven into this body healing activation bringing intercontinental conscious enhancement for the Himalayas & Australia too.

Yeshua, Mary, Mary Magdalene are present to work with your auric & light body field & your inner child for Divine alignment, balance & empowerment.

Deep theta wave relaxation prepares you to receive earthly, Galactic & Divine healing for spinal & brain transformation.

This is a space to healing where earthly death codes & aging are superseded with New Earth realities. Possibilities, physical boundaries & limitations to injury, disease, trauma, illness healing, recovery & restoration are redefined immeasurably.

Find energetic wound dressing for soul scarring, subconscious attachments & cords are surrendered disallowing healing blockages, healing sabotage & healing resistance.

Holy Spirit infusion is bestowed upon you for your bodily resurrection for Kingdoms of Heaven on Earth re-composition.

Ease to your Ascension’s next step is facilitated with Grace & with awareness of your Galactic Rainbow Lights access - your mind is now open to expanded consciousness & your emotions uplifted with these healing frequencies.

Australian territory earth trauma from environmental & human interference receive Christ Light Healing & intra-cultural peace & harmonious realignment.

Sorrento 2 - 35 minutes

Quantum Encouragement to See Clearly, Truth, Your Purpose, Divinity in All


Arch Angel Light secures your access to sacred sites from your past timelines & future timelines as you merge with lay lines from Uluru, Mt Shasta, Machu Picchu, Glastonbury, Lake Louise, Mt Kilimanjaro, Abydos, Grand Tetons & the Canadian Rockies in this activation.

5th dimension, inner earth, devas, fairy Kingdom presence all bridge your earthly expression & avail profound inner child healing for you.

Magnetically expel distress & stress from within your tissues & bodily structures – electromagnetic, environmental, tribal consciousness, your own, imprints, implants & projections.

Reclaim your Sovereign body. Organs, optic nerves, sinus cavities, ear canals are cleared of energetic congestion to return you to inner & outer clarities. Correlated neck stress is relieved.

Auric, chakra fields are scanned & readjusted for electromagnetic refreshment.

With personal guide of your choice, receive your direct message to bring forth the answer to that you seek in your now moment.

Commune with your Soul Group here making request for them to physically contact you effortlessly in all ways on the earthly plane. Manifest your Soul Belonging within the earthly realm.

Exchange isolation, loneliness & separation by returning to your Divine & authentic community.

Surrender all burdens not yours, as carried across all humanity, saving the world, your lineage & ancestors handing back to them their pain, distress & unconsciousness.

Incrementally further expand your appropriate personal vibration.

This process will proceed over the next 49 following days for your designated completion.

Shambhala Center 1, Bulleen - 29 minutes

Bodies Restoration Light Ladder


Hand, feet, crown, heart, third eye energies are received with Gaia anchoring in this activation. Light waves of earthly & Galactic essences infuse the brain, mind & your central nervous system for deep calm for the body to follow.

Deep relaxation cultivates deep healing for the body where worry is released.

All family members, ancestors, pets past & present are invited to receive for collective healing as for one as for all.

Residual inner child pain or burden is offered for further release.

Concurrently hold physical realm & quantum realm existence enabling exquisite healing with specificity for you using heart knowing & inner earth.

Bodily self-corrections & remedies for all maladies, degenerations & malfunctions are spontaneously induced & sympathetically received for your genetic defragmentation & Divine reinstatement.

Angelic blessings specific to your body are yours here where you are overlain with cosmic enhancement for physical resurrection.

Joy & love are reinstated platforms for your emotional & mental bodies.

Solar cleansing of your pineal gland is gifted to you relieving you of all pain seen & foreseen through your third eye & is replaced with Christ Sight in all things.

This space is opportune to reclaim your solar plexus power, hand back all that is not yours as carried on behalf of others, family, friends, partners, clients & the world.

Come back to Self.

West Bathers Beach Pavilion, St Kilda West - 28 minutes

Understanding Your Purpose of Your Geographical Choice for Inhabitancy


Sacred Sites of Australia with Sedona Red Rock alignment powers this activation to release all nervousness & come back to calm with electromagnetic Gaia connectivity.

Bring to your awareness the purpose for your choice to live where you do.

Deep Stillness access guides you to the core of Creation to bring your awareness back to life.

From the heart of Creation sacred sounds mathematically engineered for your geographic location are Spring-cleansed inclusively of your inner child for Oneness & harmony.

Simultaneously your organs, all body cells, systems & structures are showered symphonically.

Re-ignition of heart-trust avails balance, patience & ability to receive guidance inclusive of physical needs for your brain and your body capacities.

Core stabilisation is customised for you as you are connected to the Earth’s Crystal for your unwavering support during all changes great and small.

Call for your physical attendance & introductions to meet all members of your Soul Group on this earth, complements, twin flames, soul friends, soul mates, life partners, soul animal companions…so too for your Divine-level teachers, healers, mentors, students, clients and co-workers.

Be open for & understand your destiny pattern for what you are to and not to receive. Discern where you are designed to say “yes” and to say “no” on all levels. The collapse of victim consciousness is cultivated here.

Next level manifestation tool is downloaded for your sympathetic receipt. Expect miracles as your new reality.

Clarity or answers to that which you have been seeking are messaged back.

Shambhala Center 2, Bulleen - 29 minutes

Infinity Flow Upgrade - Shine Your Light with New Earth Infinities

Emotional congestion held in all organs & body structures is cleansed, with this mental fog is cleared for physical relaxation as you are Gaia anchored with Central Earth. Your sacred site of choice will run current specific to your body’s calling need in this activation.

Learn to automatically power authentic feeling into your intentions for upgraded healing manifestations mode.

Guidance requests for your next steps are made here for your vibratory & personal evolvement & self-expression for this earthly realm & I am consciousness.

Merge & expand all renewed consciousness & awareness to increased levels of intensity, resonance & reach.

Shadow aspects veiling your light can be identified & reconciled to liberate your expression further.

Reluctance & your body-mind connection to show yourself to the world is up for surrender here.

Find purification & inner child soul bath with Mother Mary garden play.

Opportunity to shift a persistent current challenge on any level is Akashic-identified for your resolve.

Opportunity to redesign another seemingly challenging situation in your life for a new possible outcome reality from your future also presents.

Reunite brain hemispheres returning to whole brain. This reconnection will continue in the sleepscape over your next year replacing redundant & limited paradigms with New Earth infinities shared with all your connective beings across all timelines & realms.

Shambhala Center 3, Bulleen - 19 minutes

Quantum Australian Sacred Site Reconciliation

As energetically supported with the Sacred Sites this activation with accumulated momentum, knits & meaningfully loops all previous activation shifts in the Series.

The dark nights of our soul, our states of hopelessness, lost-ness, depression & the void are now reviewed with revered remembrance for the Spirit presence that cradled & held us always, in all ways at every earthly moment no matter how in sufferance we seemed to be. Saving us, at times, literally.

Innately birthed with the Creator’s power of creativity we were gifted the ability to imagine & reimagine any absence needing fill, bringing trust into the foreground when all we could see was darkness & to be able to move the Christ Light through us, for us, around us to heal, to uplift, to shift, to connect & to share.

This cosmic installation we know how to use, with remembrance to do so for us and for others.

Our voice to speak this universal truth, our security to see our knowing, our Self-love to unburden ourselves with what is not ours & our Self-compassion to care & heal ourselves & to use our touch to heal others also without limitation - is here - is now.

To live harmoniously & respectfully in Joy with appreciation for Gaia & our Galactic Elementals.

Written by Mary Zoumpoulis 2018

Australian Quantum Infinite Wave Initiation Collection

9 Activations MP3 Downloads recorded in sacred sites around Australia.

Price: $277

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