Australian Retreat Activation Collection

13 Activations Recorded Live in Australia at the Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa

This series is the energetic stepladder you have deep heart called for to retrieve your fractured energies, fragment aspects & distorted thoughts back as to your original center.

Kenji Kumara – global & celestial messenger has answered this call on behalf of all hearts seeking profound reconciliation for all things believed as lost where miracles are the only way back to self.

This collection of exquisitely gentle energies begin with Kenji’s platform of Grace & integrity. The power lays in the quality of gentleness. Many have been conditioned to expect abrupt & dramatic processing to release the density of their burdens.

This is otherwise.

This is New Earth. Here. Now.

The frequencies will cocoon, pulsate & expand both subtlety & palpably for your receipt.

This is a non- invasive experience supported by the Divinely selected sacred land essences of Gymea. The quantum light weaving experience is so innately for you that assimilation is both spontaneous & osmotic.



It has been seemingly impossible for many to remember the feeling of asking for the help they have profoundly longed for & having the experience of receiving it with such generosity, purity, simplicity & ease in return. This anguish held may have been acute & so closely for so long that one struggles to remember what this life experience ever felt like without it.

The perfectly rich healing blend of the Australian Gymea earth that offers ancient intrinsic medicinal fulfillment is coupled with the reach of the Volcanic mounts that birth cathartic release of immeasurable value are all elementally infused in these particularly special & timely attunements.

The purpose-selected location in which these intimate activations have been harnessed as crystal clear recordings for your personal access & is a gift for you to take into your hearts at any moment from wherever you are.

All present there contributed energetically to meet you too at this threshold in preparation of stepping into the New Earth as was always intended – no matter what – or who you think or believe you may have failed to achieve from where you currently stand.

The bell is tolling for all ready.

Invitations for hearts to bridge minds are being designed where heaven meets earth here.

Kenji’s Gymea Series Activations directs you to your switches & power points for:

  • Calm
  • Sympathetic Cathartic Release
  • Reinstatement of Personal Power & Life Mission
  • Return of Fractured Energies & Fragment Aspects back to Self
  • Personal & Divine Salvation
  • Re-structuring of all bodies energetic, physical, mental & emotional as per your Divine Birthright
  • Resurrection for all valued aspects you feared dead & lost
  • Miracles
  • Reprogramming timelines for new reality outcomes
  • Renewal
  • New Earth Rebirth
  • New Beginnings
  • Next Level Transformation
  • Transmutation


This library of energetic frequencies is your gateway to kind course correction where all is at peace & complete.

Your participation will reaffirm & reward you over weeks & months & beyond as you unpack your gifts & knowing with assurance as you return renewed to all family, friend & work realms to come.

Activations Included in the Collection

Return to Sovereignty Healing Initiation – Activation 1 Day 1  (23 minutes)

This activation is your Ceremonial Spirit Welcome back to your Sovereign Self.

This presents you with an invitation to energetically overview, scan, cleanse & release for your authentic re-alignment. Reclaim inner child fragments & make soul offerings that reinstate your present power as anchored in stillness.

Remembering nature’s dialogue, you mentally cleanse for elevated consciousness & physically revitalise as you are carried by native animal totem energies & sacred earth attunements with your Spirit Guide’s directions.

Hormonal balance is renewed & cellular reconstruction is perfected in the quantum space harmoniously with Australian Uki Mountain & rainforest healing powers to stimulate your structural intelligence & adjustments re-weaving your energy threads back to your centre.

Sacred re-energisation propels you ever so kindly & powerfully unstuck & with momentum into the now – as is your Divine birthright. 

Bridging the Emotional Body with Cosmic Consciousness – Activation 2 Day 1 (17 minutes)

This activation triggers expanding space for your body to merge with the elements of Gaia as you become One with the earth.

Nature’s consciousness is your consciousness as you are connected inter-galactically. Interdimensional support is brought to your awareness for your present reality-dimension benefit.

Cosmic codes will be sympathetically received, stored & revealed appropriate to your emotional readiness & expansion.  Better understanding of your blockages & the placing of your heart, soul & ego drivers occur here to prepare for your clear & perfect channel reception.

Reconciling the Anguish of Forgetting to Remembrance (Pathway to Peace) – Activation 3 Day 1  (33 minutes)

This activation transmits theta delta brain waves for body healing resonance & for pathways to peace for yourself in the now & in the future.

This is a formless energetic experience as your bodily healing occurs with the power of the earth’s medicine. Your energetic prescription is fulfilled by the sacred land’s intelligence & your native Self spontaneously with Akashic record knowing.

In reconciliation, you are cradled into your solutions & understandings for all the pain held within your family, all of your bodies & your patterns in this lifetime.

Restorative attention is made to what you have struggled “to see”, eye sight troubles, depression, loneliness, physical health & well-being through the light of Oneness.


Freedom to – Your Enlightenment – Self Love – Self Knowing – Activation 4 Day 2 (30 minutes) 

Theta delta resonances of nature uplift & carry you into the states of Oneness with ease.

For letting go of the future & worrying about the future.

Releasing resistance to dissolving blockages, for your healing & inner truths, & for any fears held with your being illuminated & enlightened.

Your unconscious beliefs to knowing oneself & your being fully loved & appreciated are relieved in this activation.

Return to receptivity of your divine-entitled blessings of universal magnitude & to your innate ability to commune with the lightness of the Spirit realm whispers.

Passage safely & securely back to your right, liberty & joy to “be”.


For Speaking Your Heart’s Voice – 5th Chakra Opening – Activation 5 Day 2 (34 minutes)

Take an out of body journey to find where your heart’s expression was wounded so you may heal & speak your heart’s voice.

Securely from the observer perspective you may identify where you have shut down or restricted your gifts of the universe & your throat chakra communication pathways.

Celestially heal the health impacts of connected organs throat, larynx, thyroid, para-thyroid, lungs, & ears here so that you are no longer mute.

Residual influences of your being silenced on any levels over any lifetime/s, repressed expression or forced denial of one’s truth or consciousness, & any physical collar restraints around your neck intimidating you into fearful limitations are tended to.

The inability to speak from any traumas & distress incurred during surgical interventions, operations, general anaesthesia & any medical interference where you received negative imprints & dental anxiety can be overridden here.

This activation will re-anchor your reinstated freedom of expression into your sense of life security with opportunity to safely rewrite your outcomes as facilitated by code, sign or light language bridging your heart to throat.

Re-harmonisation of Chakra Systems & Internal & External Worlds Connectivity Reunification – Activation 6 Day 3 (50 minutes)

Reconfiguration of your original chakra system creating more space for healing & expression. Chakra wounding, reproductive organs, womb structure, 3rd eye centre & solar plexus recovery. Equalize & harmonize auric & chakra distortion in this activation.

Empowering body to self-correct in the most loving, gentle way possible aligning with the power of the nature Kingdom in the presence of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Maitreya, Sananda, Mother Mary, Lady Venus & Sanat Kumara.

Rainforest, wildlife, inner earth energies offer exponential healing coupled with light & crystalline frequencies.

Dissolving discord with nature & disconnection with society & humanity & intergalactic communities on all levels is available.

Re-synergising home environments.

Re-stabilisation, de-stressing of base chakra, lower spine, root chakra survival issue trauma, dis-connectivity, lack of belonging, banishment, womb scarring healing.

Reclamation of Self without interference or clouding of others.

Reclamation of hopelessly lost love on all levels to be re-magnetised back to Self.

All given is now received in return here.

Ability to hear & receive the truth of soul Self.

Restructured sense of comfort & well- being within one’s body is offered.

Dissipate bodily & heart heaviness with Grace.

Natural & effortless healing & hormonal balance with fortified energetic field & personal space.

For liberation of authentic expression.

For your being Divinely safe no matter what.

For your Divine expression in the worldly experience.

Courage to see clearly & fully. Clearing optic nerve of all inflammation & infection. Lymphatic clearing of all inflammation. Extinguish all inflammation & clear all congestion.

Unplug from negative imprints & all imposed & not yours.

Re-instillation – You are on path.

Perfectly Natural Healing Magnesium Powered Infusion – Activation 7 Day 3 (13 minutes)

This activation with the power of ease relaxes stressed muscles, soothes & softens connective tissue, with osmotic energetic transfer of magnesium water pool energy with your essential formless self in harmony as bird songs lift your mental density & carry them away with the wind waves.

Healing sounds of nature uniquely designed to dissipate your personal stress benevolently exist for you here.

This is a platform of organically induced relaxation that triggers your spontaneous, expansive healing radiating from a core of stillness, elegantly received & re-cued for you wherever you find nature.

Correspond your internal waters as One to recharge & refresh you as Gaia intended.

Quantum State of Many Possibilities – Elemental Charges Reactivate Past Life Mastery in Your Now.  (Remnant Resurrection) – Activation 8 Day 3 (29 minutes)

This activation encompasses the immeasurable volume that is the wisdom of the Sacred Mountain with the depth & reach of the Volcanic Memory. Herein parallel universes lay for your quantum access as overseen by Master Yeshua, Lady Mary & Mary Magdalene.

Lifetime lines are co-ordinates that channel values to serve your path & your now – powered by the elements of wind, sun, water as you merge with the earth & expand into the wind without limitation as nature.

Consciously retrieve here what has unconsciously always been yours & is all & ready for you.

Yours to choose:

Freedom from the veil. Freedom from suffering. Freedom from illusion.

To be:

Illuminated. Awake.

Effortless Divine recalibration & restoration of your body, mind, spirit.

Miraculous regeneration.

Higher- Self downloads for your discretionary benefit.

Personal energy field upgrade & reinstatement.

In the Flow Switch for Ascension Ease – Activation 9 Day 3 (17 minutes)

This activation collates & weaves into our soul & conscious knit a lightness of being.

Here your body is securely held in the embrace of Gaia buoyed by unconditional love, Grace & knowing taking you with ease into Ascension.

Your body is utterly supported exquisitely with the reverberations of the birds’ tweets & trills & butterflies fluttering the delicacy of this transition as you are uplifted with security & grace.

The answers you seek you can hear now as you surrender in this stillness.

Calm to your restlessness is provided here. Security where you feel void is found.

From core to consciousness, you rest easy.

Your body follows in all ways.

Spirit Baptism Precursor – Activation 10 Day 4 (20 minutes)

The Celestial reconvenes with elemental mergence for your preparation for baptism remembrance in this activation.

The wildlife, sun rays, earth salts, volcanic ashes, mountain heights, blessed waters, wind waves of this sacred land of Gymea supports your purification, relinquishment of fears & phobias, your belonging & communing with this world to bring you back to life.

Mutually, this earth space can too receive healing.

This ceremony will cultivate your fearless light weaver Self so that you may embody your Divine I am.

Re unite your natural Self with nature with the will of your heart & mind your spirit is free to experience without limitation unfolding over the weeks & months to follow.

The interdimensional higher support entities will be known & evident to you dissolving all doubt as miracles are yours as asked.

Baptism Processor – New Earth Upgrade – Activation 11 Day 4 (30 minutes)

This is a return to Self-integration process via subtle energetic cues using water elemental & your native animal totems. Uber gentle, sympathetic frequency bath designed for all past life & present life for all deep & residual trauma issues related to water whilst support by this quintessential life force essence moves through you & for you as you are delicately supported by partner element of air & charged by sun sparkles to bring you back on line – cell by cell.

Inner light circuits are reactivated throughout your body structure as it synchronizes to the perfection of the elements present – bringing mental calm & amplifying & expanding your personal vibration upgrading your central nervous & brain systems.

This activation prepares you for New Earth perceptivity & receptivity.

Expect rarification of your psychic gift capacity & chakra attunements elevation to support new mind-body levels.

New Earth rebirth.

Immaculate Reconciliation for Rebirthing or Birthing Trauma – Activation 12 Day 4 (38 minutes)

This activation journeys & integrates your inner child birthing trauma synergistically healing your maternal lineage & mother-father directly. Sacred geometry securely passages your soul’s evolution from soul agreement to present earthly experience consciousness.

Soul values, life lessons & current incarnation choices revealed here provide mental & emotional connectivity for your present awareness & understanding.

This provides the opportunity for you to know, to understand, to accept your life experience which is to surrender & allow for your liberation with birth-body reprogramming & renewed reality possibilities for your future self.

In the name of Sovereignty you rebirth securely & openly with Spirited illumination & expanded healing light where your heart leads & you are New Earth ready, awake.

Where Your Native meets Your New Earth – Activation 13 Day 5 (32 minutes) 

Indigenous earth energies & your native animal totems infuse & direct your healing adjustment & energetic expansion in this activation through the power of native pharmacy.

This is a channelled review of your subconsciousness in your dream time & the energetic scale you have travelled to meet your recalibrated & resurrected Self for your personal integration.

High vibratory, refined processing is stimulated for your non-invasive assimilation across all bodies.

In this space your New Earth signature frequency is acclimatized to what is appropriate in your best & highest with renewed light conditioning transmitted for your future Self & connections.

Written by Mary Zoumpoulis 2018 

Australian Retreat Activation Collection

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