Clarity and Intention

These challenging times are bringing up unresolved issues from our past. What is required in making right choices is clarity and intention as to where you want to go in your life. Knowing your purpose is important. Now you handle your purpose is important. How you navigate your inner process in important. How you communicate is paramount.

We are being challenged on all levels of our incarnation, ie, healing and maintaining healthy relationships, holding a positive attitude about self, managing your private practice and business, giving your body what it needs to stay in balance, harmonizing emotions, being clear on your attitudes and creating right livelihood in the midst of chaos.

It is important to be clear as possible in your decision-making. If a choice is made in confusion, it will result in more confusion. If we are not clear, the outcome of any decision will result in internal stress, anxiety and worry. How do we get clear? It helps to talk with those that you trust to get feedback and new perspectives. It helps to get a massage to help clear your body of stress. It is helpful to get healing work from those that are clear so you can clear the clutter of old thinking patterns and attitudes. Meditation, yoga, fitness training and nature walks all help with going within and taping into your innate knowing of issues you want to be clear on.

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