Kenji is an Energy worker in Asheville

Supported by the Heart of all Creation, I impart my gifts through a life of service to assist those ready to journey inside and be open to receive the in-pouring of Spirit’s sacred offering of Divine Love and Light.  Kenji is one of the leading Healers in Asheville. As a Wayshower and a Thought Leader, Kenji Kumara will Teach & Guide as a Quantum Shifter. Expand your Leadership through his Mentorship.

Those who are prepared to lay down old worldly beliefs, systems, vows and commitments that no longer serve Earth and the highest good of All are called forth to conscious acceptance of their Illumination and Awakening. I serve as a clear and inspired channel for Ascended energies and healing frequencies in the name of hope, peace and compassion on earth and to all of Life.  Would you like an Energy Healing in Asheville?

Spiritual Coaching

Through the power of Grace and Unconditional Love and Allowance, I come forth as a Quantum catalyst and initiator for self-realization and self- mastery so we may embark on the path to a New Earth of Eternal Peace. Alternative Wellness, Alternative Healing, Wellness, Energy Medicine, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, mentorship 

Kenji Offers These Services:

  • Energy Medicine in Asheville, NC
  • Alternative Healing in Asheville, NC
  • Energy Healing in Asheville, NC
  • Healing Practitioners in Asheville, NC
  • Healing Workshops / Healing Retreats in Asheville, NC
  • Life Coaches in Asheville, NC
  • Mind-Body Healing in Asheville, NC
  • Meditation in Asheville, NC
  • Meditation Retreats in Asheville, NC
  • Reiki in Asheville, NC
Energy Worker in Asheville