Healing The Archetype Of Suffering

It is time to release yourself from the “crucifixion” blueprint and the experience of pain and suffering. Time to come down from that cross. Come on ~ jump off! ~ it does not serve and is not a good look for you anymore – well it never was but if you have been wearing that cross it is worn out and showing its age! Time to learn to fly, to soar to the heavens. Time to tap into and reclaim your God-hood, your essential I AM is-ness. Time for release of the old, for rebirth, resurrection and ascension into the new. Time to let go of the old paradigm, the monkey mind chatter, of hard work and no play; sacrifice for the good of others; money doesn’t grow on trees; no pain, no gain; suck it up! children should be seen and not heard; you will be rewarded for your suffering; yada, yada, yada, blah, blah blah. Surrender and release. Open to the energy and flow of the quantum where we learn through joy, heal through laughter, and manifest through love.

Collectively, humanity has been imprinted with the blueprint of suffering, pain, death, struggle, war, conflict and abuse of power. Throughout history, mankind has lived with the threat of war and conflict, control and domination, perpetrator and victim – with the battle between good and evil in all its varied forms. We are conditioned these paradigms. Our genes and DNA are encoded with these imprints. If we don’t clear and release these imprints and patterns, they will run our thoughts and behavior patterns. They will limit and interfering with efforts to activate and empower the truth and light of our authentic God self.

Now, we are moving out of the age of conflict and struggle into an age of co-operation, community, communication and peaceful co-existence. While this transformation will take time, the first step begins right here, right now, with each one of us. We, as light-bearers and way-showers, need to be strong, grounded, centered in light and balanced in the coming years of this great transition. Our planet is experiencing “birthing pangs” and we are being called upon to stretch and open our minds and hearts to this new beginning, this new dawn, this new way of living. The new thought leaders are encoded with the wisdom and keys to support this transformation. Tap into and connect with these leaders to support you in integrating these new codes to shift your practical daily life into the flow of this new earth.

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