Healing the Drama

Did you know that the number one cause of illness and disease in America is stress? And what causes stress? Science is beginning to acknowledge the mind-body connection and that our thoughts and emotions have a direct relationship to our health and well being.

What do you think causes your stress? And why? If you could list your causes of stress, what would you write down? We can give you some thoughts to consider: worry, pain, trauma, fear, unexpressed anger or frustration, anxiety, confusion and internal conflict over what you believe you cannot control.

But what really is behind the stress? Is it your belief system? Your attitudes? Your sense of self and the world? Your self esteem? Your upbringing? Your first marriage and divorce? Your lack of being acknowledged for who and what you are? Your sense of being left out and abandoned? Your being abused as a baby or young child? Your religious indoctrination? Your parents (bless their souls)?

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