Joyful Soul Destination Retreat

Six Transformational Days in the Sedona Red Rocks...

November 5-10, 2017


Are you ready to finally activate your mission on the planet?

Do you want to move beyond what’s holding you back and move deeply into communing with God/Source/Spirit?

Are you ready to invest in your expanded consciousness to create a massive shift in awareness?

Listen to Kenji’s Morning Centering Exercise – An Intro to the Work


Listen to an Interview of Kenji by Mark Porteous


Joyful Living AND Serving Humanity at the Highest Level

We welcome you into the space of quantum acceleration and expansion. A very special customized retreat has been created for you, one that will be life-transformative with on-going benefits beyond your wildest anticipations.

Are you a frequency changer? A thought leader? A change agent? An energetic catalyst? A way-shower and path-finder who seeks a community of like-minded souls?

Are you ready to embody eternal peace and be a conscious channel for blessings and the power of Grace?

Embody Your Joyful Soul

You know you’re ready but you can’t get there alone:

You’ve spent years unraveling past conditioning…

You’re on the verge of merging with your soul’s unique calling…

You’re ready for total soul fusion…

And you are ready to move beyond what holds you back.

There is hope! As you progress, a DOORWAY OPENS and EVERYTHING CHANGES

You CAN shift into creating what you want! And you’re going to learn how in this life-transformative, divinely planned retreat! Living life as a conscious channel for blessings and Grace causes a massive shift in your awareness … and leads to benefits beyond your wildest anticipations. All while carrying out your Highest Calling.

Registration is Closed.

All registrants will also receive access to Redesign Your Destiny, a set of 13 live activation recordings from the Tubac, AZ 2014 retreat. Valued at $650. The recordings are intended to prepare you for this retreat.

Read a Description of Redesign Your Destiny

Quantum Shifts and the Presence of Grace

During this six day transformative retreat in Sedona, you’re going to learn how to accelerate your awakening process by:


  • Expanding your awareness at the quantum level so you can release the density of illusion (the quantum level has the power to instantaneously shift you)
  • Becoming a clear and perfect channel for the power of Grace and blessings (goes beyond the mind)
  • Increasing your knowledge and appreciation of Self and others
  • Becoming more calm, serenity and tranquility in the marketplace
  • Becoming a magnet for more love, respect and gratitude

You will be taught hands on techniques to access the following healing tools:


  • Kinetics emotional healing
  • Time travel
  • Timeline alternatives
  • Power Points of the body
  • Psychic surgery
  • Blue Medicine Buddha activation
  • Original Reiki activation

Your registration in this guided and interactive six day intensive destination retreat includes:

  • Located at the premiere event space for personal and spiritual development: Sedona Creative Life Center
  • Interactive dialogues
  • Quantum Seat healing
  • 10 recorded quantum activations
  • Two-hour lunch break
  • Free evenings (except the day of the nature hike) to integrate, relax and process or get to know your fellow participants

Specific offerings and teachings from Kenji:

  • Upgrading of your spiritual practice and business
  • Restructuring your brain bio-chemistry to hold more divine Light
  • Access to your soul library
  • Creating your divine “Inner Net”
  • Upleveling of your teaching and healing gifts
  • Calibrating markers for quantum field meditation
  • Soul Infusion Initiation with the Masters​
  • Oneness and Samadhi meditations
  • De-stressing the limbic system

And lots of spontaneous laughter, fun and goofiness with your soul participants and Kenji!

Your Guide Kenji Kumara
Quantum Shifter and Vibrational Catalyst


Kenji KumaraHello. My name is Kenji and I live in the red rocks of mystical and enchanting Sedona, Arizona. Together, in this sacred place, we will share with you the wisdom of my 45 years on the path: what I have learned and what is to come.


I offer you the combination of my credentials of a Masters in Education, years of studying with leading-edge thinkers of our times and my deep exploration of the specialized fields of esoteric psychology, holistic healing, transpersonal education, meditation, consciousness studies, metaphysics, energy work and bodywork since 1970.


Along the path of “initiation,” there comes a time for the personality to give way to the Soul, for the Soul to embody and be grounded in the incarnation of learning and growth. This is a major step for the Soul to guide the incarnation into the greater mysteries and esoteric teachings, the so-called mystery school teachings. We are honored to be of service to you on your journey.


There is more!



Bonus #1: Early sign-up bonus for first five registrants ONLY: a 2-hr one on one fireside chat with Kenji ($200 VALUE). ALREADY SOLD!

Bonus #1: Post event group coaching call on Instant Teleseminar November 30, 5-7 pm PST ($300 per person VALUE)

Bonus #2: All registrants will also receive access to Redesign Your Destiny, a set of 13 live activation recordings from the Tubac, AZ 2014 retreat. Valued at $650. The recordings are intended to prepare you for this retreat. Read a Description of Redesign Your Destiny.

Transcend Your Suffering: Live from the Space of Oneness


Are you ready to experience:


  • More compassion and love in relationships
  • More clarity of purpose and life purpose direction
  • Soul-infused action and manifestations
  • Magnetic attraction for more love, respect and gratitude
  • Enhanced confidence and self-trust in your business

Registration is Closed.

All registrants will also receive access to Redesign Your Destiny, a set of 13 live activation recordings from the Tubac, AZ 2014 retreat. Valued at $650. The recordings are intended to prepare you for this retreat.

Read a Description of Redesign Your Destiny

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to attend? In order to hold the energy of this powerful activation retreat, you must be at an advanced self healing and consciousness work level and be healthy and balanced enough in body, mind and spirit to receive the quantum healing activations. Open to all paths, creeds, faiths and interdisciplinary studies. Pre and post event recorded phone sessions are highly recommended ($250 for 90 minutes). If you are unsure, please email us at

Is accommodation included in the price? No, you will need to book your accommodation for the duration of the retreat. The retreat is a total of six days, however you will need to arrive one night prior to the retreat and the final day ends in the evening so you may be required to stay one night after the retreat is over (seven nights in total). Here are some recommended places to stay:

Places to Stay

Are meals included in the price? No, you will need to bring your own meals or be prepared to purchase your meals at the local restaurants. Here are some recommended places to eat:


Best to make reservations

West Sedona Hwy 89A:

Mariposa Latin Grill
Cafe Jose
Whole Foods
ChocolaTree Organic Oasis
Coffee Pot
Picaszzo’s Pizza
Dahl and Di Luca Italian
Golden Goose American Grill
Paleo Brio Cafe
Hiro’s Sushi
Thai Cruisine
Mesa Grill
New York Bakery and Deli
Sedona Pizza Company
Maria’s Restaurant and Cafe
Red’s at Sedona Rouge Hotel
Harry’s HideAWay Restaurant
89 Agave
View 180 and Tii Gavo and Che Ah Chi at Enchantment Resort
Local Juicery
Acai Berries
Pisa Lisa Italian
Canyon Breeze
Heartline Cafe
Safeway Deli
Basha’s Deli


Open Range Grill and Tavern
Wildflower Bread Company
Hide A Way House
Creekside Americano Bistro
Sound Bites Grill
Takashi Japanese Restaurant
Thai Palace Uptown
Oaxaca Mexican
Oak Creek Brewery
Juniper Bar and Grill in Oak Creek Canyon Hwy 89A

Tlaquepaque Plaza Hwy 179

Oak Creek Brewery/Restaurant
Secret Garden Cafe
The Hike House

T Carl’s at Poco Diablo Resort Hwy 179

Hillside Plaza Hwy 179:

Javelina Cantina
The Hudson
Elote Cafe


Tara Thai in Bell Rock Plaza
Marakeesh in Bell Rock Plaza
Red Chopstick Chinese in Bell Rock Plaza

Do I need to bring anything? Large water bottle, notebook & pen, layered clothing, good hiking shoes, cap/hat/gloves, small daypack, light blanket (for meditation), yoga mat, jacket and sunglasses.

What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy? Quantum Lightweaving® of Kenji Kumara reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any program (including workshops and retreats), for which registrants will receive a full refund.

By Nov 3, 2017
Cancellation of registration results in a refund of your package, less $150 administration fee. A friend may attend in your place with no administration fee. There is no refund on October 21 and beyond. Financial responsibility is assumed by the participant. 
If you cannot attend a program after registering; email: in order to request a cancellation or substitution. Cancellation must be received in writing by email.

What others are saying about Kenji Kumara’s retreats:


“What a marvelous, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, earth-shaking experience! Listening to Kenji’s attunements and then attending his Intensive … has opened an exponential flow of wonder and awe … the incredible feeling of oneness that permeated the Intensive continues to expand and permeate mind, emotions, body and soul. Kudos to Kenji and his staff for sharing with us this incredible QL world of wonder!”

-Ramona Sinclair, Lightworker, Joshua Tree, CA

“This retreat was an amazing journey with such wonderful people!  Thank you, Kenji, for bringing our “soul tribe” together for the weekend.  We had such camaraderie and connection.  It was as exciting to witness the others’ transformations as it was to experience my own transformation.  Several were very dramatic.  The hotel was beautiful and the service was great!

I experienced many visions and several healings during the activations, including watching an eye (on each side) blink at me during the “wave” to get rid of beginning cataracts.  I want to come back for more experiences!”

– Leslie

Registration is Closed.

Photos from Recent Retreats

“The sacred and powerful Red Rocks of Sedona add another quantum element to the transformational quantum work that Kenji is doing! I can say that I felt profound personal shifts as a result of the activations Kenji took us though, especially when compounded with the energy of the supportive Red Rocks. As many on the retreat will testify by personally witnessing, my fingerprints must have literally changed during the retreat, because for the duration of the retreat, my phone would not recognize them — talk about a shift!  And I’m not kidding.

And I simply cannot describe the connection you feel when you walk the canyons on the vortex hikes. The sacred connection with the land and the Ancients is there for you to experience and honor.

If you feel any need to be guided through transformational activations, all while being supported by some of the most powerful planetary energy in off-the-charts-beautiful scenery, I highly recommend you attend one of Kenji’s retreats. I’ll be back, no question, so see you there!”

Ian Shelley
Producer and Host, Academy for the Soul Discovery Series
Producer, Academy Radio Show

Program Schedule

Note: Daylight Savings Time ends 2am Sunday, Nov 5.


8:45 AM
Check In

9:00 AM – Noon
Opening Ceremony and Introductions

Noon – 2:00

2:00-5:00 PM


9:00 AM – Noon

Noon – 2:00 PM

2:00-5:00 PM


9:00 – Noon

Noon – 2:00 PM

2:00 – 5:00 PM


Free Day
Kenji available for sessionwork ($250):

  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 2:00
  • 3:00
  • 4:00

7:00 – 9:00 PM
Fireside Chat (Group Healing) at Kenji’s home for the first 5 signups. Value $200 person.


9:00 – Noon

Noon – 2:00 PM 

2:00 – 5:00 PM 


9:00 – Noon

Noon – 2:00 PM

2:00 – 5:00 PM 
Program, Group Sharing and Closing Ceremony

Retreat Location

Sedona Creative Life Center

333 Schnebly Hill Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336

(1 minute from Tlaquepaque Plaza roundabout Hwy 179)
(928) 282-9300

Check in and registration on Sunday is 8:00 am at the door.

Lodging is not included and must be booked separately.

Places to Stay

Airport and Local Transportation Options

Arizona Van Shuttle:
Designated locations and location where you are staying.
800-448-7988, 928-282-2066

Ace-Xpress Van Shuttle:
This shuttle will come to location to pick you up.
800-336-2239, 928-649-2720

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Address: 2090 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
Phone:(928) 282-2052


Designated as a City Of Peace

No matter how much time you have in Sedona, you can’t see everything. With clusters of natural wonders in every direction, it’s difficult to pin down a specific list of attractions. But what follows are a few premier highlights. The Chapel of the Holy Cross The most compelling work of art in town doesn’t hang in a gallery. It rises from the ground and merges elegantly with the surrounding towers of stone. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was designed by sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude and completed in 1957. The chapel perches 200 feet above the valley floor, thrusting upward between two burly pillars of rock. High cliffs of salmon hues form the backdrop. The interior of the chapel is simple and unadorned. A few benches, some tapestries and flickering candles create a serene, meditative oasis, while soft sunlight streams through the floor-to-ceiling window. If you’ve ever seen a photo of Sedona, chances are you’ve seen Crescent Moon Picnic Area, known locally as Red Rock Crossing. That image of Oak Creek flowing in front of Cathedral rock reflection majestic Cathedral Rock is one of the most photographed images in the Southwest.

Don’t be surprised to find radiant brides and glowing grooms posing for their wedding portrait on the rocky banks. The shallow stream meanders past the base of Cathedral Rock and through forested groves. On the bank opposite Cathedral you’ll notice dozens of stacked rock totems, looking like a miniature Stonehenge. This is Buddha Beach, considered to be the site of a powerful vortex.

For those who also like a challenge, Schnebly Hill Road makes a twisted ascent through red rock tablelands to the pine forests of the Colorado Plateau with sprawling vistas along the way. The rugged wagon road was scratched from rocky hillsides by Sedona pioneers at the turn of the last century, and it hasn’t changed much in the years since. The first mile is paved but don’t be fooled. The road quickly turns primitive, a lane pockmarked, ledged and veined with rocky fragments. Making a steady climb, views sweep across an expanse of sandstone formations to the wall of Mingus Mountain at the far edge of the Verde Valley. If you don’t have a high clearance vehicle, consider taking a jeep tour.

Sedona is bracketed by two spectacular state parks. Seven miles north of town, in what once was a thriving orchard, stone banks throttle Oak Creek into a slender fast-moving channel creating a natural water ride. Along the route are pools of varying depths, perfect for wading and swimming. Slide Rock State Park is one of the beloved swimming holes in the Southwest. Word of warning: Wear cut-offs or other sturdy shorts. If you’re here during a non-swimming time of year, you can wander the old orchards in peace and explore the bony banks of the creek until you find a scenic spot and picnic like there’s no tomorrow. Red Rock State Park offers a more nuanced but equally satisfying encounter, without having to peel off a wet bathing suit. Southwest of town, the park exists as a bit of wilderness snatched from development and reinvented as living laboratory. The 286-acre nature preserve contains a network of trails, everything from creekside rambles to high dramatic vistas. Staff and volunteers conduct daily activities such as bird watching tours, wildflower walks, moonlight hikes and geology discussions.

Additional Sedona Visitor Resources



Registration is Closed.