Mentorship in the Aquarian Age
1:1 private Mentorship & Coaching


Mentorship in the Aquarian Age
Illumination – Liberation – Empowerment
1:1 private Mentorship & Coaching

Kenji is now offering his new
guidance program for awakening souls, activators,
emissaries of light, accelerators, ambassadors of freedom,
 thought leaders, change agents, reality shifters, illuminaries, oracles,
5th dimensional entrepreneurs, world leaders and severs of humanity

Are you ready for soul guidance, mentoring and quantum support for your spiritual path and soul evolution?

Akashic Records coaching for enhancing your innate spiritual gifts and ancient wisdom. Activation for your skills and abilities in creating your thriving business practice and soul purpose. Tapping into your soul signature through alignment with your I AM-Heart connection. Bringing in the Light of your understanding of your destiny. Chakra and aura work for clearing the blocks in consciousness and the mental body. Using the power of Intentional Focus in creating your ability to manifest your dreams and visions.

The whole session is a spontaneous 5th dimensional activation for your DNA/Consciousness and the embodiment of your divine light and love. Guided exercises for balancing your 5th dimensional Chi and higher light bodies organization. Kundalini preparation and central channel calibration.

“It was a wonderful experience working with you as my mentor/teacher for the last 5 weeks. The Divine led me to you and I am so grateful you said yes to mentoring me. You were so gracious and generous in sharing your wisdom, higher knowledge and peaceful presence with me. My inner child felt truly held, supported and safe during all of our sessions. I also appreciated how much was accomplished in only 5 short sessions together as we completed everything on my original list and ton’s of personal transformation! Thank you for all your loving support and kindness. May you be blessed in all ways with abundance, love and prosperity”.

~ Love and blessings, Laura Hosford, Sacred Oracle For Divine Feminine Christ.

Rewarding and on-going experience of the Divine Flow, Joy and the Remembrance of why you came here.

Divine Balance – Harmony – Integration

$497 Session
60-90 Minutes recorded
Series of 5 session $2,222
Payment options available

Open to all who are ready for their awakening.
Send your request to interview for the program to Kenji:


  • What is your Soul Design and Destiny. Your soul signature.
  • What are your objectives for this year. Be specific.
  • What is your year-end goal.
  • How may we help you in manifesting your objectives and goal.
  • What are your unconscious blocks, doubts and fears. Mental, emotional and body.
  • What are your ancestral and family patterns that you inherited or are influenced by.
  • Is your Inner Child healed and integrated with the rest of You.
  • How strong are your boundaries and sensitivities.
  • Who are your spiritual guides/mentors.
  • Other
We will work with:
  • The power of questions
  • 5D perspectives and
  • Your Akashic Records, angels, masters and star councils
  • Your agreement with New Earth
  • Your Chi flow, MicroCosmic Orbit, chakra flows, auric emanations, Antakarana and I AM connection
  • Past life memories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Maladek and the Sirian Star Cluster
  • Any in utero, birthing and early childhood memories
  • Family enmeshment patterns
  • Reward & punishment patterns
  • Fear of God (from the church)
  • Other

Kenji will offer techniques, exercises, invocations, visualizations, meditations, empowerments, attunements, activations and initiations as needed.

You create your time frame for mentorship, meeting schedule and length of Zoom sessions.

Qualification and Agreement for mentorship:

  • Having healed a majority of your emotional and psychological core issues and early childhood traumas
  • Ability to manifest financial security and flow
  • Healthy business, interpersonal and personal relationships
  • Open-mindedness and emotional vulnerability (I will explain)
  • Dedication to your spiritual path and enlightenment and self realization
  • Commitment to mentorship assignments or learning lessons
  • Willingness to learn, grow and evolve
  • Being true and faithful to oneself and your God
  • Willingness to drop the ego when necessary

My commitment to you:

  • To serve you in the highest and best way possible on as many levels as possible as a clear and perfect channel for grace and blessings
  • To support your spiritual path and business in the most loving way possible
  • To work as One with you
  • Other
* Zoom sessions are 60-90 minutes recorded and includes guided meditation/activation
$497 per session. Series of 5 session available with payment option
* Group Mentorship TBA
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