The Meaning of Christ’s Ascension

Yeshua ben Joseph, also know as Jesus and the Christ, was born through a physical body that carried no sin, or imprinting or conditioning from the Mother Mary. He was taught by his Grandmother Anna and teachers and masters from the Sea of Galilee, India, Tibet, China, France, the UK and the American shamans, amongst others. Mary M​agdalene​ was one of his closest disciples and teachers as well as his divine compliment. Yeshua integrated the teachings into an approach that all could comprehend and understand, although many could not go beyond the allegory and archetypes of his sayings. His teachings were, and are today, universal. He had an inner council of 24, 12 men and 12 women who received the advanced teachings.

Yeshua came to symbolize the 5 esoteric initiations that we can all go through.

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