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Updated 10/1/2018

Susan from Denver, Renee from Mexico, Tanja from Washington, Essien from South Carolina, Juanita from Australia and Alanna from Canada, Laura from Phoenix, Carolyn from UK, Sara from Sweden, John from Arizona, Kathy from Tucson, Sohayla from Kuwait, Joany from Netherlands…

From the Desk of Kenji…

Tis a blessing to be on the magnificent Earth at this time.

Many wonderful things are happening behind the scenes that never make the TV news, YouTube and newspapers. Rest assured that many more souls now are expressing their life purpose, soul mission and are reaching their life goals.

Most of the spiritual news is not known to 90% of the general population of America. We are creating from the unknown and this is exciting.

There are no signposts pointing the way, for the way comes from within and in communion with All That Is.

Always keep faith in what you believe and know you have plenty of vibrational support from the unseen realms. Be at peace, and know all is well.

Journey well in the light, – Kenji

Free from the Library


We are very excited to present this new 14 class Series for you entitled New Earth Energetics.  We will prepare you for the understanding necessary to co-habit and manifest in this experiment of all ages through the guided activations and meditations that will assist you in your realization and empowerment of Self.

We will work with the chakra points, internal organs, brain and glandular centers through the infusion of rays of Light and geometric matrixes. We will ascend the human body to the next level of light codes and light language.


World Puja Part II – Session 7


Download MP3

To download the recording on a PC, right click the Download link and “Save Link As…” To download on a Mac, hold down the Control key while clicking the Download link.


Shana Eva Interview out of Sedona

Sedona interview – The Energy Of Miracles II w/ Phoenix Rising Star


Congratulations to This Month’s Free Personal Phone Session Winner

Eva Svobodova from Hawaii

On the 1st of each month, one member will be selected in a drawing for a free recorded phone session with Kenji.

Inner Circle Conclave
– Dreamtime Meeting Of Souls –

Inner Conclave – TUNE IN Call

Attend this very special call which will include a possible activation, question & answer and tuning into the astral plane.

Date & Time: Wednesday, Oct 17th at 5:00 PM Pacific

To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event:


If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 722576#

If that number doesn’t work for some reason, here is a list of alternative numbers, including international numbers:


“Hi Kenji, I wanted to thank you for the attunements. I got there last night – 2nd July session as I woke up with the message “Do what you like!!!” ringing in my ears. My comedy team got pretty excited about that but then had to clam down as I had to go to work. Thanks.”

– Naazma

“I set the intention to remember my inner temple experience and I remember feeling and hearing a voice speaking in my ear… I could feel the vibration of the words in my ear. I was given a lot of information and I remember thinking I have to remember this for when I wake up….unfortunately I do not remember the words spoken to me, I do remember the feeling I experienced as it felt so real….looking forward to more experiences like this.”

– Trisha

“The healings and insights are so expedited and frequent that its hard to consciously track everything, curious if this is not uncommon. Thank you for all you do! “

– Zac, San Diego  

“I had a very difficult situation with an ex just within the past couple of days that I wasn’t sure how to handle because it completely caught me off guard and it occurred to me to ask “how would Yeshua handle this?” And it brought me peace I didn’t think possible at the time, and my response to the situation completely diffused the drama I was facing.”

– Trisha, Estero

“I should have recognized that it was Yeshua on this past Monday because I work with him and other masters a lot and the message I received was so vivid and so clear and reinforced what my intuition had been teaching me all along. It showed me how I really need to let go of DOUBT !!!”

– Pamela, Mexico


** The Inner inner circle conclave is a new feature of the Joyful Lightweavers membership. It is an interesting, new form of teaching which involves teaching through the dreamstate while you are sleeping. So you set an intention before bed on Monday evening to meet Kenji and the masters in Kenji’s temple. Then, your higher self will attend the meeting and get all the information you need. This all happens while you are sleeping, so there is no product to download. This feature is free for all Joyful Lightweaver Members. **

Dreamtime teachings are in Kenji’s inner plane Temple Of Light Sanctuary (5th+ dimension). All members will have free access to sit in the temple and receive instructions and guidance on your spiritual path. The teachings will be recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

You may also receive “visitations” and “blessings” in the lucid dream state from the realms of light and love. Members will be assigned an inner plane “healing guide” for love and support.

What Members are Saying:

“I set the intention and then went to sleep… I entered the temple, and I received very vivid images. I kept getting that we were beyond form and so all I could see were colors….colors of a celestial energy.  Which was great.  Thank you for offering this to the membership. I intend to make the temple a weekly visit.”

– P.W.

The Vision:

Your unshakable knowing empowered from divine truth inspires liberated action of your illumined soul

Curriculum topics:

  • The awakening and ascension process
  • Christ consciousness and the power of love
  • The spiritual gifts such as heart chakra telepathy, clairvoyance, etc
  • Multi-dimensional travel
  • Your soul signature and council of light
  • Enlightenment of the endocrine system and the body
  • Stillpoint meditation and healing work
  • Blessings work through the power of grace
  • Manifesting through the power of presence
  • Alignment with your home realm and soul group

We will have “guest presenters” from time to time, such as Yeshua ben Joseph/Sananda, Maitreya, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin, the Buddha, Jewel from the City Of Light above Albuquerque, Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, Yogananda, Lord Adonis, Ruth, Antonio, St. Germain, Serapis Bey, The Elders and star beings, Golden Robed Ones of the Inner Earth, and Archangels such as Christopher, Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. Various celestial star systems will be present for love and support.

The spiritual benefits of this multi-dimensional program are enormous and really beyond the scope of words and physicality.

Just know that this program is probably what you have been praying for for a very long time but have not seen it manifest on the physical plane. It is more effectively taught on the inner planes where the ego and lower mind cannot get in the way. You will learn how to use these multi-dimensional energies in the correct way, so no harm to done to self or others. All spiritual paths and ages are welcome. This is an eclectic approach free of dogma.

The goal is full self awareness in love and the embodiment of the inner christ spirit through joy and the power of grace in your physical body. It is the ending to the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth and the age of suffering and conflict and the beginning of quantum self mastery.

All one has to do is intend-visualize-feel (in your body) what it would be like to travel to his temple as you drift off to sleep using the temple drawing image (by Sharon Nichols of Tucson 1986) as an activator. It does not matter if you miss the weekly live teachings, for all is in the Now and accessible by intention at any time in your dreamtime and/or meditation. You can also intend, as you come back to the body, that you will begin to integrate the teachings in your body as a feeling, throughout the day and in whatever you do in the most natural and joyful way possible. The inner plane passcode is “I AM” for the Door Keeper of the temple.

Suggestion: You may email me your experiences, insights, ah-ha’s and healings to support@kenjikumara.com. Keep a running journal for your future book and online classes.

Value: ​Whatever you put into it (commitment)
Earth Time: Every Tuesday around 4:00 am ​your local time
Theme for the week will be decided at the beginning of each conclave

Note: This is the next level of teaching of Quantum Lightweaving and is the foundational component for Kenji mentorship-apprenticeship program which is still in the process of development.

Monthly Membership Calls

Membership monthly calls will focus on Deepening the Gifts of Spirit and Empowering Soul Awakening, Q & A, guided meditation, 90 Minutes w/ Replay Download.  Enjoy the past replays by using the tabs below.

Kenji will present each month a quantum theme for discussion (with activation during the last 30 minutes) from the Christ Field. Examples:

  • Give it up what you think you want
  • What you Join with becomes real
  • I dedicate all thoughts to Union


Next Call is Wednesday, Oct 3rd @ 5 PM PT/8 PM ET (Check Local Time)

Attend by Web:  CLICK HERE

Attend by Phone: (425) 440-5010, pin code: 722576#

Local & International Numbers: Click Here

* Please Arrive 15 Minutes Before Event

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Attend these upcoming or access recent replays of these Online Activations for FREE just by being a member!

“Time to move through the Eye of the Needle.”

– Kenji

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Live Event and Personal Session Discounts

Sedona Vortex Activation Discount

$100 discount on live Sedona Vortex Activation package valued at $397 special pricing per person, 4 total hours with recorded vortex activation.

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$100 discount on In-Person Sessions and Phone Sessions.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes long and customized to your needs. Book yours today!

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Enriched Blogs

These blog postings provide additional insight and transformation properties for members.


Inspired by and specially created for Kenji Kumara’s  Quantum Lightweaving®

Each QL image has the unique ability to move your consciousness into a mystical state, whereby you may enter the Pure Quantum Consciousness Wave. Dropping the mind and entering a timeless zone of beauty and magic, and truly experience the Quantum Wave!

Either or both can be used as your Desktop image or print out and frame. Use for meditation and healing, and tuning into the QL matrix.

Pure Blue Ice

For Healing and Transformation

Mystical Harmonic Perfection

For Mystical/Oneness

mystical harmonic perfection

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my membership?

Customers can cancel a membership subscription at anytime from the “My Account” page by viewing the membership subscription. When you click the “Cancel” action, the subscription will cancel. Membership access will continue until the end of the pending cancel period — once the subscription is fully cancelled, the membership will be as well, thus removing access to any members only content or discounts.

You can also contact support@kenjikumara.com and request that we cancel the membership subscription on your behalf.

When will the next charge on my Credit Card or PayPal take place?

Generally, the next charge will take place on the day of the month following your first payment. If, for example, you start your membership on the 3rd of March, your next payment would be automatically withdrawn on the 3rd of April.

How do I change my payment information and other personal details?

You can self manage your payment information and other account details from the “My Account” page. Be sure to explore that section of the website so you can become familiar with the various details that are editable.

How do I get into online activations that are free or reduced cost for members?

Members who would like to attend any online event will need to add the event or product to their shopping cart and check out as if they were purchasing it normally. Events that are free will incur no charge for attending, while events that are discounted will be automatically reduced in price. Event recordings and replays are sometimes “dripped” into the members page and can be played directly from the page. Currently, free products are listed in the top right portion of the page and sometimes throughout the page. The exception is for the monthly membership calls, which can be played directly from the members page.

Once you register for an event, you will also receive alternate login details, so be on the lookout for those emails!

How and when do member calls work?

In addition to free or discounted access to regular activations, you will have access to the Member Q&A calls.  You can see the information for these calls on the member page under “MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP CALLS.”

Member calls take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 5 PM PT/ 8 PM ET.  Replays are typically posted in the “Replay tab” a day later.

The INNER CIRCLE CONCLAVE is a dream time activation which will be transmitted through your dream state to all members around 4 AM your local time while you are sleeping with a Q&A call generally two weeks after the transmission.

Sometimes, a mp3 or replay download will start, but then stop and restart. How can I prevent that?

This is typically due to a bandwidth limitation or issue on your Internet connection and is typically more prevelant on a mobile device. The best way to download and play a mp3 on a device is to first download it to your computer, then add the mp3 to your device. Additionally, depending on your device, you may be able to download an app that lets you save files, then listen to them.

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