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Interested in seeing more about what the Membership program has to offer? Take a glimpse below at just a few of the features.

Kenji KumaraWelcome!

I AM very excited to launch my new Membership Program just for you, my dear friends from afar.

In this program, I will be able to offer you some unique presentations and guided meditations that will assist you in your spiritual journey of self discovery, self learning and soul growth. I will be able to interact with you on your questions of concern, your insights and your intuitions.

I invite you to browse through the screen shots below to learn a bit more about the program.



“The membership came down to priorities. Kenji has helped me so much in the past and proven how valuable it is in my personal growth and expansion that I felt it a necessity of live long that could not longer be ignored.”

– Karen B.

A Monthly Membership Online Activation

Taking place at the beginning of every month, a live 90-120 minute Instant Teleseminar with phone Q & A, responding to your webcast postings and a guided activation addressing your spiritual concerns valued at $350. Includes a Replay and download of .mp3 recordings.

Sample 45-minute Call

Download MP3
To download on a PC, right click the Download MP3 link and “Save Link As…”. On a Mac, hold down the Control Key and click the Download MP3 link.

“I have been doing your programs many years, I love your work. I am a doctor, GP and psychotherapist and your background interests me. Maybe I just knew I had to join.”

– Anne, MD, Psychotherapist

Free Downloadable MP3 files from my library. At least one per month.

40% Discounts on multi-part online series, which include downloadable MP3 replays.

40% Discounts on selected activations and other products, each and every month.

Enriched Blogs and other writings that help you with your spiritual transformation.

Special QL Images that you can print and frame or use as computer wallpaper.

Ready to become a member?

All of us will support you in releasing your energy from the matrix of suffering, limitation, dis-ease and lack. We will hold for you the highest level of spiritual vibration and consciousness that your brain and body can hold and embody.

One of the essence energies that we will hold for you is that of FREEDOM. Freedom to be your true self; freedom to express your uniqueness; freedom to be clear of the shackles of time and space.