Navigating Through Tough Times

As our beloved planet, GAIA, makes her turn on the galactic evolutionary spiral, so does humanity ascend along with her on this cosmic journey of awakening. The transition energy, ie, the Photon Belt, is shaking everything up for review and embracing. The transition zone can be a time of great challenge, intensity and empowerment. There is much uncertainty in the world as to outcome and destiny, based on the old, out-dated model of consciousness and beliefs. The old is being shaken, so a new world can be born with fresh ideas, energy and ways of living.

In our own lives, we are faced with how to let go of the old so the new can be born. We are being challenged on how to heal old wounds, traumas and dysfunctional relationships. We want the new but do not know what that looks like. We want change but do not know in which direction to move. We want healing of our past and trust in our unknown future. We want security and the knowing that all will work out. And yet, oftentimes, we fall into victim consciousness or we blame others for our predicament.

If energy follows thought; if emotions result from our beliefs and attitudes; if the health of the body is a result of our emotional state; if our reality is a direct expression of our intentions, then we must take control of our four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) and begin to behave like the master of our own ship, the director of our own movie.

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