Earth Changes are definitely here and will continue into this decade. It is important to stay calm and centered in the midst of the hurricane. Remember, it is never as it appears to be. Look behind the scenes, look beyond the obvious, see behind the form into the essence of the Truth. Remain the Voyager in all things. Put aside the emotional body, the pain body, tribal consciousness, the chaos of the world and the collective astral plane.
Stay grounded with the sacred heart of Earth 2, the New Earth. Keep your Silver Cord intact and strong. Keep all your light bodies in alignment. Keep your 3rd Eye open and aligned with the great Central Sun. Activate your Still Point in your heart center. Keep your focus in the Now and stay connected with the Ascension Process. Your gifts are opening. Use your Intuition and Inner Knowing. You are as God created You (to BE). We are moving into the new age of Aquarius, the Age of Peace.  

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