The Call

The call has gone out. It has been going out since 1987 and Harmonic Convergence. What is the call? It is the challenge and opportunity for exponential growth and advancement into the quantum field of expanded awareness and presence. There was 1987 and the world-wide call to bring peace and harmony to the planet and humanity. There was 2000 and the changing of the century from old ways to new ways. There was 2012 and the ending of limited thinking and beliefs. New we are in 2017 and the year of quantum leaping into new ventures and the testing of one’s faith and belief in self. Before this year, we had the influx of group waves of gifted children in 1975, 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2015. Each wave of children brings more sensitivity, awareness and wisdom to the planet and collective pool of human consciousness.

We are in a time of flux, transition and change. Huge change will be the keynote theme from now through 2027-2035. It all depends on us and how we handle the trust and faith element. Chaos is occurring. The old guard is crumbling. Old ways are being challenged. Revolution is afoot on many planes. How are we to make it through all this confusion? Where are the solutions? This is a time for all of us to go within and to tap into the wisdom that will bring us through this quantum storm into the land of peace and harmony. Your I AM has the answers, your greater Soul has the solutions, your Spirit know the pathway, your Essence or Presence is the driver of your lightship.

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