Your Panic Button

Is your “panic button” being triggered this past year? Is the planet’s panic button being set off? Is humanity’s panic button being activated on a collective level? If you watch or read the news, you would have to say Yes; everyone is being pushed to their limits, are being set off, are being triggered, are going off for no apparent reason, or for very apparent reasons. There appears that there is a collective “cognitive failure” (borrowed phrase from the other side) going on on all levels of society, be it political, social, medical, educational, etc. It appears systems are failing and collapsing. It appears people are loosing it and are out of control. Not all people but enough to create chaos and disturbance “in the field”, as they say.

If you reflect back on your life, you will see those times and situations that triggered you, to where you went off and were out of control, out of your senses, out of your mind. And you had no solution in those moments of anger, rage, confusion, conflict and hostility. You led from your emotional body and your logic was nowhere to be found. You emotionally went off and lost control, then regretted those moments because you did not have an answer or could not respond correctly. I suppose we call those moments now, “emotional instability” or at best, awkward moments. If your emotional body is not balanced with your mental body and those two are not balanced with your soul and your physical body, big trouble ensues. Depression naturally follows imbalance. Know what I mean?

You ask, “why”? and is there not a better way to create our evolution and ascension on this planet? There is but most are not aware of the other way (yet). If a drama needs to be played out in the old way, then you will see that in the news, video games and movies. For they know no other way. They play by the rules and the rules were not made up by the common folks, only those in control. People become puppets and actors in a strange movie that has no end. It is like a bad nightmare or dream where you feel trapped, until you wake up and come to your senses.

The ancient teachings say to counter all imbalanced energies with love and compassion. Share joy where there is sorrow; share peace where there is war; share kindness where there is hatred; bring light into the darkness; and bring liberation to where there is slavery. We each have the power to delete our panic button. We each have the power to diffuse pain and panic. We can choose to replace our panic button with the love button, the compassion button, the wisdom button, but we must first choose. We can heal the suffering. We can bring an end to the illusion of death and disease. It starts with a belief, a knowing, an intention to create a better internal world that will be reflected in the other world called Earth 2, the New Earth.

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