22 Tidbits On Energy Healing

I would like to share with you some tips on healing that I have used over the many decades in my energy work practice and teachings.

1. Set your Intentions and sacred space for the session before your client arrives.

2. Meditate on the “state” you want to be in as the session starts. Create a supportive and nurturing environment, both psychically and physically. Plants in your healing room helps with the energy.

3. Set your boundaries and fortify your field. Be sure to ground with the Earth. Open up your intuitive channels, 3rd eye center and keep a heart focus. Bring in your healing guides. Hook Up. Be in a neutral, objective state of mind. No projections or judgments.

4. Review in your coaching segment what the client wants to experience, their blocks, their goals and the anticipated outcome in divine right timing.

5. Communicate soul to soul (heart chakra to heart chakra), not ego to ego.

6. Open to all possibilities. Be an open-ended state. What else is possible here?

7. Notice body language, their voice, eye contact and the emotional body of your client.

8. Use your guidance on where to put your hands and for how long. Toning is helpful. LIght language can be an activator. Mudras can help bring in the state for healing.

9. Express only what is necessary. Too many words may take you and your client out of the healing state.

10. Be willing to say what you see, feel, hear, sense and know in neutrality and compassion. Stay out of interpratation as much as possible. Be the voyager.

11. Stay in a non judgmental state. Hold the state of perfection for your client.

12. Whatever happens in the session is perfect. Guided breathing techniques can help the client to stay present, focused and on task.

13. Remember the client can only receive from the Universe what they are ready for to their degree of trust and allowance.

14. Never push the healing energy onto the client. Let them receive what they are able to.

15. Be mindfulness, aware and conscious of the energies.

16. Be present, be Now, be Here, be the I AM.

17. Be the clear and perfect channel for the power of grace and blessings.

18. Ask questions to empower the client. Client self-empowerment is the focus.

19. Teach from your experience and your knowing.

20. Seal the session with the light of the christ. Ground your client and yourself.

21. Drink water to help the cells of the body to integrate the work, for both you and your client. You receive the energies given.

22. Acknowledge (to God) the healing given as it will work over time, as needed, in the background of their life. Give thanks and gratitude.

* Support system for your healing room can include essential oils (aromatherapy), crystals, rocks, plants, statues, crystal or tibetan bowls, therapy lights and healing pictures.

I hope this helps in some way with your healing practice.



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