Quantum Embodiment

On the physical plane, we appear as human beings having the gamut of emotions, philosophies, medical challenges, strengths and weaknesses, tendencies and proclivities, quirks and oddities and all manner of will power and resolve. We appear to be a mix of...

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Past Lives Imprinting

Our pre-birth and early childhood programming, or psychological and emotional imprinting (also called samskaras in India) begins in the womb and continues through early childhood, basically through the first 7-8 years. These imprints are 'reflections" from past life...

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Eye Health

Ever wonder what the connection is between the health of your physical body, your emotions and your attitude and belief systems? Did you know that your eyes reflect the energy of your Soul? And that the eyes can also be distorted by your internal makeup, conditioning...

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The Blessed State

You are forever in a Blessed State. What do we mean by that? Prime Source gives us exactly what we need in every moment of our lives. PS gives us exactly what we can receive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually according to our ability to trust. PS knows...

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The Existential Crisis

On the spiritual journey "Home," we go through many cycles, phases and challenges. As we journey from early childhood to adult maturation, we encounter the many learning lessons that this beautiful earth provides us with. We can fight them or we can go with the...

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Bringing in the New

This is the year for bringing in the new: New ideas, new platforms, new decisions and choices, new intentions, new approaches, new perspectives and new possibilities and potentials for your ascension into the 5th dimensional way of managing and expressing your life...

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Your Spiritual Anatomy

As far as earth incarnations are concerned, the human anatomy has many different layers of consciousness, function and abilities. Most know that we are only a physical body, and maybe, a soul is connected to it. Most believe we have a mind and emotions connected to...

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The Meaning of Christ’s Ascension

Yeshua ben Joseph, also know as Jesus and the Christ, was born through a physical body that carried no sin, or imprinting or conditioning from the Mother Mary. He was taught by his Grandmother Anna and teachers and masters from the Sea of Galilee, India, Tibet, China,...

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The New Children Are Arriving

They are being called by many names - The Children Of Oz, Indigos, Crystal, Golden, Dawn, The Golden Ones, Violet Ray & Psychic Kids. They are coming from different places within our Universe and Galaxy - The Pleiades (7 Sisters), Sirius B (a Star), Cassiopia,...

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The Energy of Emergence

The energy of Emergence is upon us. Will you step up to the plate and deliver your home run? The energies upon the earth are such that we are being called to step into our power, our spirit, our soul and express our true calling, our destiny, our life path Light and...

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Harvest of Your Soul

Autumn is a time of spiritual as well as physical harvesting. It is a time of reaping what you sowed in the spring. What kinds of seed thoughts did you plant in your cosmic garden 6 months ago? Think about it. Reflect back to that time and feel what you intended for...

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Healing the Drama

Did you know that the number one cause of illness and disease in America is stress? And what causes stress? Science is beginning to acknowledge the mind-body connection and that our thoughts and emotions have a direct relationship to our health and well being. What do...

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Your Panic Button

Is your "panic button" being triggered this past year? Is the planet's panic button being set off? Is humanity's panic button being activated on a collective level? If you watch or read the news, you would have to say Yes; everyone is being pushed to their limits, are...

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Clarity and Intention

These challenging times are bringing up unresolved issues from our past. What is required in making right choices is clarity and intention as to where you want to go in your life. Knowing your purpose is important. Now you handle your purpose is important. How you...

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The Call

The call has gone out. It has been going out since 1987 and Harmonic Convergence. What is the call? It is the challenge and opportunity for exponential growth and advancement into the quantum field of expanded awareness and presence. There was 1987 and the world-wide...

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Navigating Through Tough Times

As our beloved planet, GAIA, makes her turn on the galactic evolutionary spiral, so does humanity ascend along with her on this cosmic journey of awakening. The transition energy, ie, the Photon Belt, is shaking everything up for review and embracing. The transition...

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Healing The Archetype Of Suffering

It is time to release yourself from the "crucifixion" blueprint and the experience of pain and suffering. Time to come down from that cross. Come on ~ jump off! ~ it does not serve and is not a good look for you anymore – well it never was but if you have been wearing...

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