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A Guide TO KENJI’S Offerings

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Book a discovery call with Kenji. Calls last 20 minutes and are recorded on Zoom. Free times to book are Monday through Friday at 2pm ET USA.

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Chakra Tune Up

If you are in burnout and need an energy uplift, a refocus, and vibrational balancing, schedule your 30-minute chakra tune-up on Zoom here:

envisioning sessions

If you are ready for clarity of your 3 rd Eye, vision and repurposing your life path, click here to schedule your 30 or 60-minute envisioning session on Zoom here:

Vibrational Healing

Are you are experiencing uncertainty on how to heal your emotions and body or move through your grief and loss, anxiety and depression low energy, the Dark Night of the Soul or midlife crisis? Click here to schedule your vibrational healing session on Zoom here:
Looking for your tribe of like-minded souls whose common purpose is self-empowerment, high frequency activations, networking, collaborating, and supporting one another in group healing work?

Then click here to sign up for our new Joyful Creations Academy, a unique teaching membership program to support your soul and mission statement:

If you are searching for the right mystery school and advanced high frequency teaching and mastery, click here to sign up for our new signature program in Shifting Into Your Inner Sanctuary, the next rendition of the Awakening Your Higher Consciousness program:


If you want a different level of energy work, alignment with your guides and high frequency downloads in sacred space, check here to schedule your 90-minute, in person “Wave” session here:


Are you looking for a clear and perfect channel mentor for your spiritual work, activation of your innate gifts and clarity on your ascension path? Click here to schedule your 90-minute mentoring session on Zoom here:

Couples R&R

Spend time in Kenji’s Sedona home, get a 90-minute wave session, go on a sacred hike and hang out!.


Combine your vacation with a spiritual retreat in the nature of Sedona led by Kenji and receive powerful goal-specific activations for your spiritual awakening

Success Stories

“Kenji Kumara is one of the most wise and endearing teachers that I know. Kenji is a beautiful soul with a giving spirit and he goes above and beyond in all of his work. He is a transdimensional healer and practitioner of frequency healing and Kenji’s meditations help transport participants to other realms and bring back love, joy, peace, harmony, and information from the unseen into the seen.  If you are looking for wise counsel, healing or transformative experiences, I highly recommend Kenji Kumara and his work.” 

“I highly recommend Kenji’s Awaken Your Higher Consciousness Intensive, as it is POWERFULLY immersive, and interactive, helping the participants to explore and navigate new possibilities and ‘new beginnings’. In a very spontaneous way, Kenji has an almost ‘magical’ way of tuning into everyone’s energy, with pin-point accuracy and insight, guiding us to a place of KNOWING ourselves and our desires at a deeper level.

It has literally changed my life and perspectives, elevated and accelerated my soul’s growth and consciousness, and brought me to a much CLEARER space from which I can create the changes that I was seeking.”

Dr Karen

“Kenji’s method is out of this world with modality and all the results of his healing. His current profile doesn’t begin to represent the mastery that Kenji exhibits in his work. He was the first Master that made me able to feel energy. Now, when I listen to him teach, I still remember why I am such a fanatic. He is eloquent, unabashed, and so knowledgeable with such a remarkably smooth and relaxing voice that turns his meditation into medication. I am on this path, thanks to Kenji and other light weavers.”
Evette R.

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