Quantum Lightweaving®

A transformational approach to spiritual well-being and health.

Quantum Lightweaving® teaches the direct experience of "letting go" to release old energetic habits. It gives you a sense of what it is like to be "there". Receiving "the Wave" means to accept, embody and express all that you are.

Experience a personal 90-minute session with Kenji in person in Sedona, AZ or via phone. Group sessions also available.

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Eclipsing Your Future Possibilities

Thursday, September 1
4-5 pm PT/7-8 pm ET
New Moon with Solar Eclipse

Come join me as we use the power of this solar eclipse and new moon as we map out our future potentials and possibilities.

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Sedona Vortex Activations

Book your chance to tap into the mystical power and magical energy of the Sacred Vortexes of Sedona on a private 3-day healing tour with me as your Quantum Lightweaver guide.

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