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Kenji Kumara is an energy worker and spiritual coach in Sedona. Igniting the Soul of Rebirth – Igniting the Power of Awakening
Ideal Client is eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment, cell and particle of their being. They are authentic in their commitment to their own life mastery and celebrate the diverse mastery in self and others. As a Wayshower and a Thought Leader, Kenji Kumara will Teach & Guide as a Quantum Shifter. Expand your Leadership through his Mentorship.

Kenji offers Mentorship, sacred vortex hikes, coaching, counseling… You can book a session here.


Living on New Earth in peace, joy and divine balance

Kenji is one of the top 10 Healers in Sedona.

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We place no other gods before Thee.
We be, express, manifest and know the “state” we want the world to be.
We treat others as we wish to be treated.
We know the Light within all things.
We know the good within all peoples.
We know you into perfection.
The God in us bows to the God in you.
We offer our creativity to the world from a place of joy and wonder.

Alternative Wellness, Alternative Healing, Wellness, Energy Medicine, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, mentorship
We know all things into healing and transformation.
We offer our highest and deepest “value package” in each moment of our teaching.
What we share and give to you, is given for all Eternity.
We treat others with respect, dignity and honor.
We love you as we love ourselves.
We are all one and yet unique, in the Unified Field of Being.
We give you our very best at all times.
You are our most valued teacher, customer, client and student.

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