FREE GIFT- 7:7 Sacred 7 Stargate

We are going to use the spiritual power of the 7:7 Stargate to initiate the clearing of family bindings, attachments, energy cords and enmeshments.

We need to be clear of all such entanglements if we are to ascend to 5D and beyond and live in a new earth reality. These old and ancient attachments have binded us in limitation, suffering and pain. Much of humanity has inherited ancient “miasms’ of mental illness and disease. Our genes, chromosomes and dna have been affected by family karmic patterns of false beliefs, money limitations, mental body judgments, church doctrine, political fake news and societal pressures, mores and conditioning that today, no longer apply to the lightweaver and world server.

We will initiate the healing of these imprints and unconscious programming so our souls can be set free to manifest our true destiny and purpose. The mystical 7 stargate energies will support and help accelerate rapid change and transformation within your personality ego and 4 Lower Bodies for the clearing of these bindings and attachments. It is time to be set free from all family conditioning. We cannot carry emotional baggage into the new age of enlightenment. No carry-on baggage , as they say.

We will invite 7 archangels, 7 ascended masters and the elemental and unicorn kingdoms into the activation plus a surprise guest. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Notes on 7:7 Stargate:
The 7:7 gateway is a portal of light that will transmit activational codes by streaming rays of light down onto our magnificent planet. The Sun is in Cancer (nurturing) and 7 is the number of spirit, so today is the perfect day to manifest a deeper connection with the energies that illuminate and guide our journey from the higher realms. – Tiggy