As the new earth rises, awakening consciousness also rises through those souls who are here to serve in spiritual mentorship roles for the emerging humanity.

Are you an awakened soul seeking guidance and confidence to embody the power of your divine purpose? 

Do you feel you are here to serve in a mentorship, guidance/coaching capacity to help others realize these goals?

If you are longing for deeper meaning, self-actualization, and new ways to express the innate power of your spiritual gifts, you are here to help facilitate the evolution of the emerging spiritual/divine human.

You crave something more than achievement or success in the material world. This seeking arises from deep within your soul. It is written in your cellular blueprint, and emanates from the inner matrix of all reality.

The longing for self-realization, enlightenment and illumination is a natural progression of the ascension process. 

Some of the collective challenges we now face are manifestations of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies striving to balance themselves, as the New Earth consciousness moves toward harmony, peace, and cooperation.

As chaos and uncertainty unfold around us, the emerging divine feminine amplifies the energies of love, rebirth, transformation, new beginnings, and self-healing power.

When we tap into this emerging divine feminine, we activate these energies of nurturing support, which aid in healing the wounded divine masculine within each of us and in the collective.

The balance that is being sought by these two forces is illustrated beautifully in the Taoist principles of yin and yang, and the flowing middle line that maintains perpetual harmony.

This harmony is expressed individually as the hemispheres of our physical brain and nervous system come into resonance with one another, bringing balance of thought, emotion and action.

Through this balancing of opposite forces, we can create inner peace and tranquility, heal from childhood trauma, and discover the love that is always emanating from God, our higher source, or our inner spirit. And from this place of inner balance, we can bring healing into the world around us.

Empowerment Lies Within You

If you are one of those light-bringer souls who yearns to express your higher purpose in the great awakening that is taking place at this time, I invite you to relax into the following inner explorative meditation. 

My aim is to help you to tap into the wellspring of knowledge and wisdom that resides within your cellular blueprint so it can be more fully embodied and expressed in your body, mind and spirit.

This meditation is a gift and is designed to allow you to tap into the wellspring of knowledge and wisdom that resides within your cellular blueprint, so that it can be more fully expressed in your body, mind and spirit in this very important time! 

A great trick is to record the below into a device and then you can activate yourself using this meditation anytime you feel like you need it. 

Find a quiet setting, away from external distractions and noise as best you can (these days it’s hard, but we do the best we can!). 

Use your breathing to relax your mind and body and to disengage your awareness from 3-D reality.

Know that you are more than your emotional body and your intellect. Connect with your soul which exists above the plane of this physical world.

Imagine moving into a beautiful circle of light where you are surrounded by the loving and nurturing oneness of your highest self, your God-consciousness, or your spirit.

With every breath, connect your heart-center with your soul-contract or agreement. Ask that your soul’s destiny and purpose be revealed to you. Feel the vibration of your reason for being here on earth at this time. Merge with your soul’s purpose.

Acknowledge within your deepest self the importance of your life goals, and the skills and talents you are and are not yet aware of that are here to guide you on your soul’s divine path.

Ground yourself in this awareness of your divine purpose. Breathe its knowing into your heart and allow it to emanate from your heart center throughout all the organs and limbs of your body, anchoring your feet firmly on the path of your destiny.

Remain in this place of love and expanded awareness as long as you like while your brain and body gently integrate the light of this higher wisdom.

When you are ready to come back to this reality, know that this light always surrounds you… that you are never alone, that you are an integral part of the new earth consciousness.

Embody this understanding that is greater than your intellect and your physical body and know that it is ever present and available to bring you peace, balance and tranquility, and to facilitate the development of your soul.

It is done.

Well, hello from Sedona and welcome to another joyful tune in. And today, we're going to share a little bit about Overwhelm and how to prevent overwhelm from stressing out your body and affecting your consciousness.

So, let's take a moment to center and ground. Imagine beautiful four pillars of light that are surrounding you at this time beautiful angelic light that is surrounding you and your home. Helping to create sacred space.

And the feeling of peace and tranquility. Now, if you look back in your life. You will notice those points in your life where you felt or experienced extreme overwhelm. So, this could be due to as what we call major turning points in your life.

Obstacles. Lesson points. Even traumatic events, unexpected events. That overwhelmed your nervous system. So, let's take a moment and move into the higher dimensions into the upper room into the oneness.

Let go of the world. Let go of the old matrix. Let go of tribal consciousness. Let go of everything that's going on in the world and for a moment to move awareness into that space. that infinite space, that permanent space of divine balance and harmony.

And we're going to channel this energy back to the body, back to those places in the nervous system that have historically become overwhelmed emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. Channel it into those chakra points where you normally would hold stress and tension and worry like your belly or like in the back of your neck.

And allow a very gentle transmutation. of these patterns in your body. A transmutation back into the light, back into oneness, back into love. Imagine your body being embraced by a thousand angelic beings of pure light.

Imagine being comforted by the Holy Spirit. Imagine reimagine a life that is stress free, free of overstimulation free of overwhelm free of it's too much. Where you are finding your sweet spot energetically of the balance between the inner and the outer, the feminine and the masculine, the right and the left, the visible and the invisible, the yin and the yang.

Now as you come back to the room in your body, continue to experience this feeling of flow and harmony within, especially your nervous system. Allow this energy to move throughout the rest of your day into next week even.

Allow it to move through your dream time, because this is your natural state of being. So thank you for tuning in. And for more information, if you are curious, please check out our new membership program that has opened up, and our upcoming Awaken Your Higher Conscious Mastery program.

And we are also on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. So find us there as well, KenjiKumara .com. Many blessings and have a beautiful day.