FREE GIFT- Awaken Your Inner Healer

 In this 6 part class, learn from Kenji the way of the healer in five 1.5 hour classes.  There is an additional 30 minute meditation per class and a bonus mp3 included.

Overview of The Healer’s Awakening:
Pitfalls and road hazards on the way to the healer’s full empowerment
What the healer needs to be conscious of in the embodiment process.

Class #1 Clearing emotional and mental body baggage
Guided meditation and activation for clearing the density of the 4 lower bodies allows for higher vibrations of light and sound to penetrate the brain and heart.

Class #2 Past life stuck points and the karmic wheel of rebirth
Guided meditation and activation for time travel. Time traveling along the time line for collapsing the frozen points in consciousness.

Class #3 Parental, genetic and authority (religious, spiritual, group mind) conditioning and imprinting
Guided meditation and activation for clearing all imprinting and conditioning in the genetic time line, group mind consciousness and archetypal levels.

Class #4 Self worth, early childhood memories and the healing process
Guided meditation and activation for clearing birthing, early childhood and adolescent traumas of any kind.

Class #5 Ascending and transcending the limitations of density and forgetfulness
Final guided meditation and activation as the Voyager. Profound time travel in the quantum for accelerated learning. Clearing the space in the body for embodiment of the Voyager. Programming the brain for the quantum. Resting in the Clear Light. Sharing time and closure meditation.

Class #6 Meditation from 4/17/12 New Wealth Interview
Kenji’s Journey of the Healer Activation from Jeneth Blackert’s New Wealth Revolution Interview

What’s Included:

  • 11 Hours of Audio
  • Five 1.5 hour classes
  • Five 30 minute meditations
  • One bonus 1.2 hour MP3