Hello, and welcome to another joyful tune -in. So let’s take a moment to center and ground to the power of the breath. Going to the here now. I am here, I am now, and I am. And today, we’re going to talk about balance and why it’s important, especially in these times of great change.

And considering there is many levels of distractions and distortions upon the planet at this time, that we need to use our discernment, our inner knowing as to what is true and what it’s not. What is true for you, and not anybody else.

So when one is not emotionally and mentally balanced, it is very hard to navigate life. Life becomes stressful and anxious, full of distractions, thus creating in your system overwhelm, enhance the ability to procrastinate and sit on the fence regarding making choices and decisions.

So let us today bring forth a more centered roundedness with your body mind, with your spirit -body connection. So going within, using the power of the breath to direct the energies, we’re going to breathe into the heart and then up into the third eye center.

And as we exhale. Just simply let go of all manner of stress, tension, and anxiety from head to toe, especially your fingers and your toes, your jaw muscles, your forehead muscles, your eyelid muscles, and your belly muscles.

Continue to breathe very gentle, beautiful light that is very calming, that it’s tranquil, is alive and yet balanced. So we’re going to breathe in harmony, deep into the belly and then deep into the base of the spine, exhaling, letting go of all manner of stress and worry and tension, relaxing the shoulder joints.

And imagine surrounding your field. That’s your consciousness surrounding your field is a beautiful ring of light that is becoming a bubble of light that is surrounding your whole field. Beautiful light.

Rainbow colors iridescent translucent crystalline light. Vibrance. And allow those energies to move through your field and eventually into your body through your chakra system circulating through all of your chakra points through the spine through the brain through the heart center through your power center through your sacral chakra sacred through your womb space your grounding chakra your crown chakra your throat chakra your hands and your feet.

We wish for you now to carry this rainbow bubble of light with you for the rest of the day, no matter where you are. Carry this feeling of balance and harmony for all experiences for the rest of the day.

And then remember to sip some water every now and then so the cells can absorb the light more readily and more naturally. So thank you very much for tuning in today, and until next time, many many blessings.

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Have a beautiful day.

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