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Do you believe in yourself at all times?  Do you trust your instincts?  Your intuition? Your impressions?

How many times do we doubt ourselves and our gut feelings?  How often to we discredit our hunches and the whispers from our Soul?  How often do we analyze, “Is this my mental chatter talking or the soft voice of my Soul?”  How often do we say to ourselves, “How do I know my Soul is talking to me. How can I tell the difference?”

How often have we made decisions that ran against our intuition and instincts?  In retrospect, how often have we been said to ourselves, “Dang, I wish I had paid attention to my inner knowing?”

In this quantum activation presentation, we will go deeply into our psyche to uncover, like a master archaeologist, the roots of our buried knowingness that represents our “trust-in-self-and-in-God” wisdom. We will clear away, like a master window cleaner, the dust and dirt that has colored our internal vision of who and what we are. We have an opportunity to experience the fullness of our Presence and the truth of our Being-ness.

When we can see clearly, we can trust openly and with 100% confidence that we are on the right path. We can make clear choices because our chakra system is running at peak efficiency. We can trust and know that our future is already written, and that we have all the support from the higher planes to take the quantum leap forward into the great Unknown, without hesitation, without doubting ourselves, without second-guessing.

Having trust will illuminate you. Having trust will liberate you. Having trust will empower you. Having trust will bring you joyful divine connection within.

Join me in the Light of Understanding on this quantum journey of discovery.

Blessings, Kenji

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