Changes are afoot, so be prepared and be patient. Go with the Flow. Do not push. Let the Force be with you and to guide you in your right direction. Stay on purpose. Stay focused yet relaxed. Keep your center and grounding. Be open to all possibilities. Be open to the Unknown. Be like the animals.

Even if you do not know, trust in the Unseen. Be willing to clear your core issues and the unconscious part of your mental body. Let your emotions flow. Do not hold them back. Or else it will create havoc in your body. Use discernment with the news and media. It is time to take back our freedom and to be liberated from all that is fake and illusion. The old matrix is falling away, to make room for the 5th dimensional matrix. The New Earth.

Healing, transformation, enlightenment, illumination, liberation, empowerment, trust and joyful connection are the key words for this time of the great awakening. Align with your joy, your inspiration, your truth and stay in divine balance and harmony within all things, experiences, emotions, thoughts and manifestations. As Yeshua once said, “Be Ye” and as Meher Baba has said, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. So we leave you with these words of wisdom.