From what I have gathered, we have two choices: to stay and battle the negative agenda in the 3D world or to move our awareness, focus, attention and consciousness into the 5D reality and the New Earth matrix. So this paradise on Earth idea or 1,000 years of peace idea probably may not ever exist on this 3D-4D level and we have to create the New Earth from within first, then manifest it out into the 5D Earth. Out Of Sight = Out Of Mind. Also, the negative Agenda is playing out on this earth plane and will they ever totally control the Earth and humanity is unknown at this time. So there are 2 Earths – 3D-4D and 5D and beyond.

Remember energy follows thought. Emotions are the outcome of your thoughts. Your body embodies the state of your emotions. You have the power to change your thoughts and beliefs in spite of what has happened in the past. In this Now moment, your life can change and shift according to your attitude and perspective. Your life is not governed by fate. You are the choser of your destiny. Your choices are open-ended and infinite. Your past programming can be changed in this Now moment of infinite possibilities. Remember the observer effect in quantum theory.

Apparently, there are lost souls as evident now but also Beings who seem not to know the consequences of their actions and are, what we call, narcissists or beings that only think of themselves and their own quest for power and their lack of love, compassion and heart are evident. Just keep your focus on how you desire to be in the world, what you desire to manifest, how you desire to feel and your spiritual vision of your life path, ie, your learning and growth. Heal all fear and doubt in your mind, keep your emotions balanced and your body healthy and strong (immune system). Embody in joy, keep your heart open and choose to see the goodness, Light and Blessings in all people, things, events and circumstances. Keep your daily spiritual practice constant. Choose to see the Light and Love in everything and everyone you encounter. Be the Peace you wish to see in the world. And stay grounded and centered at all times. Love yourself fully and keep the faith and trust in Self and with God, your I AM.

– I AM creator manifest in form (as are you)