Connection of Souls

Join Kenji Kumara for heartfelt monthly discussions while building a tribe of soulful connections around the globe

Connection of souls
Monthly Subscription Program

A journey into deeper connection… a connection of souls
Connect, Grow & Evolve… Together!

Connection of souls
Monthly Subscription Program

A journey into deeper connection… a connection of souls
Connect, Grow & Evolve… Together!

Creating connections with like-minded and like-hearted souls in a time of great change, a time when transitions are happening at an ever-increasing rate, will empower us all to remember that we are One… we are a global tribe!

These discussions will be in a “fireside” chat format and will bring us together to connect at a deeper level, allowing all that show up to tap into the powerful energies available to our galaxy during this time.

This group is for you if…

  • You seek to connect with others

  • To share your journey and experiences with others

  • To learn from others

  • Would love to receive more support on your journey of self-mastery and self-discovery

  • Have a desire to dive into deeper connections and come together with like-minded and like-hearted souls from around the globe

  • Would like support in the letting go of emotional blockages or to see clearly into the emotional blocks that keep us stuck

    …and so much more!

Each discussion will be a protected, nurturing and supportive environment for all to step out of the “quiet” comfort zone and truly connect with others.


  • Calls will be (2) two times per month for 90-minutes (via a video conference), and the power will be in joining LIVE… this is for those that truly seek to connect with others. A replay and transcript will be provided after each call to all members.
  • Creation of a safe space to activate personal growth and spiritual awakening.
  • Ability to share your deepest concerns, thoughts and personal experiences (the conversation will be guided to help the flow by Kenji).
  • Kenji will also share his “insights” and intuitive thoughts from his 50+ years in the field of consciousness studies and his personal journey (from his challenges to healings that have changed and shifted his life path to where he is today).
  • Igniting the energy of the throat chakra for deeper communication opportunities (clearing this energetic center is a must for us all…).
  • LIVE activations! You’ll receive monthly Stargate Activations that will help to open portals and alignment with sacred numerology and planetary movement, to help you align with sacred energies.
  • You’ll also get a LIVE Monthly Full Moon Activation to tap into the power of the moon’s natural cycle.



Receive past activations from Kenji’s vault: These activations are from an extensive library of live audio activations from previous live offers, and cannot be accessed anywhere else! You can listen to them over and over to empower you at any time.


Receive exclusive activations that Kenji has done on past retreats that he has hosted in sacred places. In this Retreat Package, you’ll get to experience the energy of these sacred spaces as if you were there in person…


Receive varying interviews where Kenji goes deep into the most frequently explored spiritual topics. Each interview will contain multiple topics that come in the form of guided meditations or visualizations (and more) as each interview has its own special energy!


Receive 40% off any single product (expires the 30th of each month).


Each month Kenji will do a drawing for a free 60 Zoom session from the live audience.

To ensure the intimacy and optimal expansion of each participant, this offer is open to only 99 tribe members… first come, first served!

$47.00 per month (Subscription is only 4 months long)


Receive two 90-minute hosted discussions with Kenji and the group

Valued at $500

(1) LIVE Stargate Activation (recording provided)

Valued at $33

(1) LIVE Full Moon Activation (recording provided)

Valued at $33

(1) Product for 40% Off

(1) Attend and receive LIVE two 90 minute hosted discussions with Kenji and the group 

Valued at $500


BONUS #1: (1) audio (mp3 file) activation from Kenji’s Vault 

Valued at $33


BONUS #2: (1) audio (mp3 file) activation from Kenji’s past retreat held in a sacred location

Valued at $50

BONUS #3: (1) past interview from Kenji’s Vault

 Valued at $25

BONUS #4: 1 FREE 60 min Zoom session will be given out to one of the live attendees each month.




Meeting Time: 1st & 3rd Sundays at 8 pm EST (USA)

New sale prices until September 30th!

SIGN UP NOW FOR ONLY $47.00 per month (originally $97)

$47.00 per month (Subscription is for 4 months)

To ensure the intimacy and optimal expansion of each participant, this offer is open to only 8 tribe members…
first come, first served!


“I found the group experiencing to be wonderfully comforting and inclusive, and a safe place of free expression and trust. Kenji, you really shine as a teacher/mentor/guide to us all. Being able to ‘hear’ what is underneath everyone’s words and help to make us aware of the connection that we all have together is truly remarkable. I am amazed and humbled how so many others are experiencing similar energies that may just have a variation in storyline.”

“This class was wonderful because so many people brought up questions about things I had already been thinking and wondering about, such as ‘How to understand our physical body in relation to the Soul’s journey.’ That was a great key question. I really enjoyed the more in-depth answers you helped us sort through around the power of creation, by using our Word.”

“The experience was phenomenal like all previous classes. Before the class I was in extreme physical pain for two weeks. That completely healed. These sessions with you are my physical manifestation of magic.”