I’m gonna give you a protocol to do every day in meditation or prayer. You do this every day and it’s gonna help to keep your field clear. So you are not in pain and stress.

All right, so the first thing we’re gonna do is bring all of your awareness to your breathing. So you’re gonna bring all of your attention points away from the world, away from everybody and everything.

You are basically gonna disengage energetically from the chaos of the world and the collective astral plane. You’re gonna disengage from all of the news floating out there in the atmosphere. Everybody else’s fear and anxiety and doubts, anger and mistrust, confusion, depression, all of that.

Keep breathing. All right, we’re gonna ask your higher self, your iron presence to begin to clear all your chakras. So you just open up your heart space. You keep breathing. Nothing to do, just allow your high self to begin to clear all of your energy pathways so that your chakras can be retuned more closely to your soul signature or your soul song, your soul vibration.

Just keep breathing, stay open, receive nothing to do. Allow the body to relax. We’re gonna ask the violet fire from Saint Germain and his angels of healing to bring forth the power of the violet flame into your field and your form.

Your form is your body. Thank you. You are going to imagine all of your stress and all of your anxieties, all of your worries are being uplifted into the light from wherever it is in your body or in your mind.

It is magically being uplifted into divine light. All of that stress and anxiety is being embraced in love and compassion in truth and joy. Thank you. And imagine in your mind’s eye, imagine the world being also uplifted into the light.

All of its worries and concerns, its struggle, its confusion, its collective fear, that all of that is being uplifted by the power of grace into the light. Thank you. and envision a thousand, a million angels descending upon the planet, descending upon every country on the globe into every capital of every country on the planet.

Angels are descending. They are descending into every state of America, all the provinces in Canada, in Australia, all parts of the world, millions of angels descending. And imagine the world is waking up.

It’s waking up to the presence of the light, the angels, their higher self. When you, inside, internally, are rejoicing in the vision that everything is perfect, all as well, there’s nothing to fear.

Give me a deep breath. And declare now that you are going to abide in the upper room of your consciousness that is Christ -like and that you’re going to take all worries and anything in your body into the upper room every day so that it can be embraced, so that all of the pain and the suffering can be embraced, loved, into union with the rest of you.

Take a deep breath. Thank you. Now when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.