Eye Health

Ever wonder what the connection is between the health of your physical body, your emotions and your attitude and belief systems?

Did you know that your eyes reflect the energy of your Soul? And that the eyes can also be distorted by your internal makeup, conditioning and imprinting from early childhood. You see Life and your relationship to it through the eyes. You see life as you want to see it, and you can see Life as it really is. It works both ways.

The health of the eyes are influenced by your resistance, your prejudices, your preferences, your fears, your desires, your needs, your wants and your attitudes and emotions. Healthy vision reflects…


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[wcm_restrict]…a wholesome, positive and loving attitude. By the same token, eye problems and vision problems reflect internal emotional states, your relationship with your parents, your sense of self and belonging and your trust in yourself.

Your right eyes reflects your relationship with your father; your left eye your relationship with your mother – and the relationship to the archetypal masculine and feminine, respectively. It also reflect your views on authority figures and how you were treated as a young child. Your physical eyes connect with your Inner Eye, your center of clairvoyance. Your optic nerve responds to your emotions. It feeds the brain the energy that you take in through the eyes. When the optic nerves become over-burden with heavy, unexpressed emotions, your vision begins to become cloudy and the body begin to compensate with either nearsightedness or farsightedness, hence the wearing of glasses or contact lenses.

If what you see in the world hurts you, freightens you, make your angry or sad, the eyes will compensate by developing cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and even blindness. If what you see in your world brings you joy, happiness, peace and harmony, the eyes will remain healthy, bright, alive with perfect vision. What you see “out there” is a reflection of what you see “inside”. The world is a mirror for the Soul.

Eye health reflects your relationship within the family. What you don’t want to see is as important as what you want to see. If the eyes see conflict and discord, it will show it through it’s “emotions” – sad eyes, heavy eyes, dull eyes. The eyes are an organ, just like your liver, lungs and heart. It can “feel” emotions and it reacts to said emotions, be they love or fear. Unspoken emotions, repressed anger, resentments and judgments are some of the main causes of eye issues, as are thoughts of low self esteem, unworthiness, lack and deprivation that come from the lower mind and the so called ego.

Practice positive thinking. Be of good cheer. Express gratitude. Appreciate what you have. Love yourself. Be kind to others. Speak the truth. Strive to see the best in others and in the goodness of the Universe. Choose to see clearly. Choose to see the truth. Choose to move beyond the veil and the illusions of separation. Choose to channel your soul energy through eyes, and see what happens next. You may be surprised.

Be Blessed.




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