Harmonies of Light

Our good friend Jim Oliver, an Emmy award winning composer and Globally Recognized Pioneer In Sound Healing, is holding a very special online event we want to share with you.

This is something we highly recommend experiencing! 

Jim plays a symphony of healing sounds live while the light show setup in his studio offers a multi-sensory experience.  Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with a Harmonized Symphony of Music & Color.

This is an event that is not only celestially orchestrated but also a very grounding and integrating concert for our beloved Earth… exquisitely orchestrated from your Higher Realms, deeply moving and very healing.

Harmonies of Light offers you an opportunity to navigate from a grounded place of Conscious Awareness and see through the eyes of Spirit.

Jim’s specialty is to create music that feels like it was made especially for you. The music ranges from delicate and sustained to majestic and expansive. The music is spontaneously created in alignment with your intention and highest purpose – now and in the future. The music and harmonized colors continue to offer healing frequencies for days, weeks, months and beyond.

Powerful frequencies and sound waves are beautifully woven into the textures of the music which guide and support you on your Path of Awakening.

Set your intention, breathe in the music and bathe in the harmonized colors.  Directly experience the Truth of Your Beingness