Healing in timelessness. What does that mean? What is timelessness? The quantum space in between thoughts and emotions, that point where the vertical and horizontal meet, that vibration where yang and yin merge, that space that is beyond space, time, distance and logic is where Timelessness resides as a frequency of no-thing, the Void, that Eternal spaciousness of unlimited vision and knowing is where healing can be generated, initiated and created for body, mind and soul. Healing occurs when we envision from our soul what we desire to create on all levels of our lives. From the 12D consciousness level, we can ignite inner healing for our body, feelings and thoughts. Change in attitude, change in long held unconscious beliefs, change in the way we express (or don’t express) our feelings, change in how our body reacts and responds to stress, challenges, crisis and unexpected events, and change in how we hold our internal energies together influences and affects our innate healing abilities and knowingness.

In meditation and/or yoga, we can, by choice, initiate our innate gift of self healing through trust, belief and faith that all is possible given the right state of mind. Focus is necessary for healing of any kind. Focus is focus with focusing or the ability to hold sacred space in and around your body upon command. Sacred space is that vibration that knows no duality or polarity and is all encompassing in nature. It is like that loving space that only knows joy, flow, harmony and divine balance. When time stops still, healing can occur in a holy instant. When one is fully present with what is, healing can occur. When one is fully engaged in the Now, healing is present. Perfection is that state that permeates the Stillness, the zero point field within creation. The ideal archetype of a healthy body is the internal and eternal vision of perfected energy patterns within the sacred geometry of life. In other words, you are created in the Image and Likeness of ………, and therefore, have all the attributes and qualities of said Source Energy. You go as a divine spark in creation, a divine spark of light and sound that will manifest in your life when you choose and claim, I AM a clear and perfect channel. One way to tune into timelessness, is to meditate with your favorite ascended master, angelic presence and/or nature spirit. Another way is to merge in a state of appreciation with your I AM Presence, or your Holy Self. You are God, Sovereign and Free.