I’d like to share with you some aspects of my backstory on my spiritual journey, which began at age five when I asked my mom, who am I?

And then it began in earnest in my first year in college at age 23 in Santa Cruz, California. And having these last few years, having the opportunity to reflect upon my life and to bring forward and unite some of my soul fragments and those memories that were not internally resolved.

As a young seeker going through life, encountering many obstacles and challenges, I still to this day do not know how I made it through my saddened returns, my dark night of the soul, which actually lasted quite a long time.

Probably over 20 years continuously and having to do my soldier pretty much alone, physically alone. But recently I came across an article on the old banana patch on Maui, Hawaii. And I shared this with a few of my friends and it made me reflect again back in the years 1971 and 1973, where I made two trips to the famous banana patch.

The banana patch was technically a sort of a hippie commune that was living in this valley that has beautiful stream running through it and many days of continuous rain because it was right in the middle of a rainforest.

the jungle and having gone there dropping out of high school which to this day I don’t know why necessarily I dropped out of Cabrillo College but one of my best buddies was there and I guess he talked me into dropping out society and moving there and literally living off of food stamps and nothing else.

So back in those days you know being young and brave and reckless not thinking too much in a sense. I went there on a plane ticket with just my clothes that I had on a laundry bag of towels and some extra clothes and stuff that I needed for you know like everyday use but it was just basically a laundry bag on my back that I carried along with a small daypack and I remember Flying in Could have been a loa high Airlines, but arriving at the Maui Airport feeling all alone on this beautiful island and having to hitchhike to this famous banana patch And I didn’t know where it was exactly and luckily I got a ride back to sort of the base of the dirt road that I walked up and As I was walking down the dirt road leading to the patch one of my friends from college Was there sitting on the doorsteps of this old church?

I think that had been abandoned and When he looked up and saw me he just like was fabricated Like he couldn’t believe that I was like actually there physically because I didn’t tell anybody I was coming I just left dropped out of school As sort of an a -minus student and Yeah, who’s just fabricated I remember he just got all shaken up and He took me down to this shack Where a couple of my other buddies from college was staying in and surprised the heck out of them and You know I was pretty excited like a new part of my life living in the jungle in a shack with no plumbing No running water no stove No heater no refrigerator just a shack with some windows and Close to the stream and we did all our Daily stuff like in the old days when you lived in the jungle and didn’t have modern appliances and equipment Wow But I illustrate this because you know, I was guided Wasn’t able to eat much so it’s a little off of food stamps his type wherever we went and And one part of me felt really free another part felt like wow How am I gonna how am I gonna do this with no money and no job and having?

hitchhike everywhere and on occasion going to Baldwin Beach to get sun and get feet in the water which was 82 degrees. It was like way too warm. It was like a bath. But anyway, my life was like that in the early days of my 20s and 30s where I’d go to places and without trying to figure something out like how am I gonna make it?

What kind of a job am I gonna get? I did these things. I went to Utah in the middle of winter in the mid 70s. Cold turkey didn’t know anybody and didn’t last but three weeks there. Then again I went to Banana Patch again a couple years later and lived in a different kind of a shack but nobody was there.

It was all deserted and I was not very happy. And I had it. I got a job as a dishwasher. I lasted two weeks there at this restaurant in Kula and I had a hitchhike to and from and one night it got so bad I spent the night on the couch.

In the restaurant, couldn’t get a ride back to Banana Patch. And I said, ah, this ain’t going to work, man. Hitchhiking to be a dishwasher and I was making something like $1 .75 an hour. Oh. Yeah, made trips to Oregon, made trips to a lot of different places, just on a whim.

Just like I had to leave the Bay Area, I had to leave my parents’ place, had to leave, get out of college, just had to go do something different. So I guess you could say that was kind of a reckless search, but looking back in retrospect, I developed a lot of fortitude and I guess patience and faith in the unknown, faith in the unseen.

I mean, I always made it, but just barely. And I didn’t know back then about the power of intention or really the power of prayer or meditation or yoga or anything like that. I was just kind of happy, go lucky, rogue kind of a seeker, right?

Met beautiful people along the way, always had one or two as spiritual family, no one remember where I lived. So I guess I wanted to share that no matter how hard it may seem to be these days, even if you feel like you are alone in many aspects that don’t give up.

Just stay the course, keep the focus and do your daily spiritual work, especially envisioning how you want your life to be and where you want to go in your life, spiritually speaking. And along the way, like in just an early childhood, I had some guardian angels that were big time protectors, archangels and guardian angels that saved my life.

at least three times from physical death. Last time was a concussion and, yeah, I could have gone. That was pretty scary. That was like experiencing well, like at any moment I could die because my body’s in so much pain and I’m in there.

ICU unit at Veterans Hospital in San Francisco was actually the Army Hospital. Doctors didn’t know what to make of my concussion and didn’t know whether to do surgery or not. But I go, wow, this could be my last days.

I’m in also much pain. I couldn’t even pray correctly. I actually was out of my body a lot and sleeping. And miraculously on about the sixth day, I could eat something and I could actually get out of bed and I was in no pain.

So during the six days with the help of guardian angels and angels that have been with me all my life, helped to heal my body because I could have literally gone, could have died just from a brain injury and somehow I returned back to normal within a week.

And I remember the first time I had the meal there on a six or seven day there at the hospital, it was breakfast and oh those eggs and toasts and hash browns and bacon never tasted so good. I mean wow.

Yeah so I guess I had involuntary fasting you could say. So I learned on some level to live through the pain to not let it affect me. So again if you have experienced or experiencing some painful things in your body, knock you up.

You know it could go away just like that. Just decide that you want to create new ideas about who you are, what you are and how you serve in the world and where you’re going in your life. And it’ll work.

So I hope this sharing was of some benefit for you and in the meantime just check us out every Wednesday. You’ll either get me live or on a recording. But we do these weekly new scenes just for fun and perhaps to help out those that are in a little bit of remembrance and a little bit of hope and some reminders.

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