As the New Earth begins to blossom, old enmeshment patterns created by ancestral trauma are being revealed in the lives of those souls who are here to heal the wounds of past generations. These patterns may arise through challenging circumstances that bring us to question our higher purpose.

If you have begun to experience within you a sense of deep uncertainty, it’s a good sign you are one of these special souls.

Luckily, there are powerful energy healing modalities for the trauma that bring profound healing on a deep soul level.

Many of these modalities are centered around 5D energy and quantum healing.

What is Fifth Dimension Energy?

The fifth dimension is comprised of quantum energy. It is the foundational level of unity consciousness. In the fifth dimension, there is oneness (rather than duality). There is connection (rather than separation).

The fifth dimension is where ascended masters, angelic forces, and earth elemental spirits (such as Gaia) reside. It is the realm through which healing descends from the higher dimensions into the earth plane.

5th dimensional/quantum energy is the mechanism through which telepathy and other psychic phenomena are experienced. This means, when we become adept at tapping into this energy, we are able to reclaim these forgotten abilities. Most humans are fully immersed in the conscious space of 3-dimensional reality, where psychic phenomena cannot be consciously accessed or utilized. But we all have psychic capabilities in the fifth dimension, because 5D is above time, space, and the laws of 3D reality, (including gravity and other physical limitations).

Other terms for the energy of the fifth dimension include Oneness Energy, Source Energy, the creative energy that manifests all reality, and the All that Is in Truth. 

All creativity originates in the quantum field.

The fifth dimension is the foundational level where quantum energy can be experienced by us, but quantum energy encompasses higher dimensions as well, all the way up to the twelfth dimension.

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing occurs through our contact with higher dimensional energy, also called the quantum field… and because it exists above time and space, ANYTHING is possible in this realm.

Many of us have experienced some degree of inner child trauma. This type of trauma creates a conflicted personality that operates in a state of disharmony within itself. By accessing 5D energy and tapping into the quantum healing space, we can begin to heal this mind-body split and return to a state of inner harmony and balance. Mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness, and spontaneous spiritual awakenings occur in this (seemingly magical) quantum healing space.

Since fifth-dimensional quantum energy transcends our 3D reality, it is a space where physical matter, emotional states, and mental attitudes can be profoundly and spontaneously reconfigured. Quantum healing is synonymous with what have been called miracles. It is what occurs when we experience our true nature, our highest self, the “I AM” presence within us.

Quantum healing comes as a gift and offering of pure love and compassion and is experienced by both giver and receiver. It requires training the body-mind to let go of our known reality so we can connect with the higher dimensions, where our soul contract or agreement can be more deeply understood, and modified (or even re-written). Remember, there are limitless possibilities in the realm of quantum healing.

How Can We Activate 5D Energy and Experience Quantum Healing?

5D energy is activated through a combination of the right use of will/intention and deep, powerful feeling. The will (or intention) should be for good. Thoughts and feelings of negativity, anger, hatred and other low energy vibrations block access to this transformative energy.

Having an open heart is a wonderful way to activate 5D energy.

Opening the heart can be accomplished with thoughts and feelings of gratitude, love, and appreciation. Meditation is one way to bring yourself into a loving heart space. Spending time in nature, or doing something that brings you deep satisfaction and joy are other ways. Breathwork that brings you to a calm, centered state of mind is helpful as well.

The higher-level emotional frequencies associated with loving-kindness, compassion, gratitude, and joy help to align the heart and brain, which stimulates the action of the pineal gland, the tiny endocrine gland deep within the brain that has been associated with the third eye, and is considered the physiological “gate” through which higher energies can enter the body.

We are just beginning to understand the magnificence and scope of this transformative healing modality. And the beautiful part is that it is available to all of us when we choose to align ourselves with high-frequency thoughts, intentions, and feelings such as compassion, gratitude, and joy.