We are going to go more into the earth changes and you and share a little bit more about this new mini life review that we all are experiencing and where the Earth’s energy is moving to. We will touch upon self imposed limitations and barriers and how to move through them and an over view of the symbology of disease in the body and also mental health patterns, and concluding with how to know when your inner voice is speaking to you. Again deeper levels of release of your stress, enhance awareness of your beliefs and limitations and hopefully a deeper understanding of your own healing process, so to speak. You will experience deeper levels of inner peace and serenity and you will feel subtlety or profoundly, and/or both, your quantum shifting in your mind-body relationship. You will feel more flow, emotionally speaking.

As you are in a state of receiving we are going to ask you to be in that place of a voyager again. Now that voyager is that part of you that is outside of space-time and all that goes with that duality. So take a slow deep breath again of the light and we are going to breathe it into the body once again, seven times. Take in a deep breath in of that divine light that is within and focusing it this time into the chest area, into the lungs, into your heart space. Breathing it in through the nose, relaxing the body and exhaling gently out of the mouth. And make sure you gently push all the air out of the body so that with each successful inhalation taking in more light, more chi, more prana, more knowledge. You are breathing in and letting go deeper, deeper levels of the subconscious density.

Allowing the body to relax deeper levels of balance. So we ask you to maintain, shall we say, two worlds. That of the quantum and that of conscious third dimensional awareness, but not stuck in the limitations of third dimension.

Okay again, Earth changes: Earth changes in you so basically the cosmetic energies, the quantum energies, you can call them quasar light vibrations, you can call them Gama ray radiations from the great central sun to our physical sun, or basically these are vibrations that are impacting the earth and your body and your mind and your brain and its asking you to begin to allow a clearing out of all baggage, of all stuff that you have been attached to primarily emotionally as well as those belief systems that are keeping you stuck in limited perceptions. So again, take a slow deep breath, this time take it into the belly. Now whatever you experience during this is all good. Simply embrace it with love and let it go. So imagine last year, especially since November until now that these energies have been specifically impacting your subconscious. And it’s asking you to begin to release through grace the power of grace, the pain, and the anxiety, the doubts and the fears that manifest in a physical way. Whether it’s a medical condition, an emotional condition, or a mental condition. Now as the voyager you are going to remain detached from whatever is occurring in the body and in your awareness today.

So, some examples of the challenges that we are all facing and what I have noticed over the months is that people allowing themselves to go in extreme drama, we call that your story. The drama usually manifests as over exaggeration of a situation. Now remember when you come emotionally into any kind of relationship and you express through your emotional body you are not being really clear with your communication. Your radiations are being tinted or colored by your emotions. So again we ask you to be in that observer mode of the voyager as you receive.
So basically it manifest as over reaction, over reaction to a situation, person, place or thing. Take a deep breath, just let that go. Again we are creating the matrix for your meditation. We are asking you to bring up from deep within your levels of unawareness these emotional patterns, they also manifest as tension and that’s in the spine as well as brain imbalances on a mental health level. Extremes. You will also find people going to extreme behaviors and you just have to watch the news, there it is. We got this whole resistance attempting to work itself out through projection, through making a mountain out of a molehill. Okay again take a slow deep breath, make sure you are grounded.

Essentially, the universe is asking you to begin to release forever your internal fears, your doubts and all of this relates to your self esteem. To the degree that you have high self-esteem to that degree you feel connected with source, with creation, with your higher self. So in those moments when you feel alone, you feel distracted, you feel the pain, in those moments that’s your fears and your doubts right there, evident. I’m just reminding you of what is occurring, you all know these things on a deeper level and we are helping you to remember.
So again humanity, is working through their fears, fears from early childhood, fears from past lives if you believe that. But essentially fears from early childhood, ages say birth to lets just say eighteen. But more specifically from ages one to seven. You can look at your early childhood stuff as past life patterns. Same things. So you don’t have to go into your past lives to heal the wounding and the trauma. They have all manifest in you being raised on the earth plane and for many of you it has been very difficult, very challenging, with lots of sense of abandonment, neglect, not to mention physical, emotional, and mental abuse, and for many also religious abuse, even new age group abuse. They come from many levels.

We are also going to add hear this whole idea of money, the lack of it perhaps, or the conflict of money. Money is one of the primary patterns your idea of money, that is being asked to be released so you can bring forth the true understanding of the relations hip of money, spiritual work, healing work, transformational work, your career, your family, your self esteem. So take a deep breath and exhale and relax, continue to receive deeper. There are always deeper levels to move through, always deeper levels.

So I would like you to think and feel about your greatest fear. This is definitely part of the earth changes. Your deepest fear. Fear of going homeless, fear of being abandoned, fear of not making it, fear that you will fail in manifesting your soul purpose, fear of losing your mate, fear of not being understood. Just let it come forth. Now hand in hand with fears come doubts, self doubts again, am I going to make it in this lifetime, will I have enough? Am I good enough? I keep attending all these workshops and listen to all these presentations and seminars and going to healers and councilors and getting a massage and all the rest and still not quite enough. Still that little place of emptiness, cant quite get there, I know its there. So allow that to come up.

We like you to bring forth all of your “I can’t’s” and “I should’s”. Just allow them to come forth from the mind. Any statement that creates a limitation, a self imposed barrier in your life, don’t have enough, can’t get enough, not worthy enough, I would like to get there but I quite don’t know how. Or how do is sustain this sense of peace I occasionally experience but I can’t maintain. Breathe into it, we just want you to bring it forth. We are not asking you to process this or anything. Just bring it forth, into awareness.

Also if you look around you will find many people, they go into these places of being very irritable and any little thing will set them off. That means they are really close to letting it go, but they are not quite having the awareness that they are really close. Getting upset over nothing really, that all comes from projection. Again seeing a situation, person, place, or thing, through the eyes of the ego or the imbalance of emotions.

A little side note here, you may know or even find yourself going to the hospital, to the ER, going to the doctor, your natural-path, your healer because you have these symptoms that come out of nowhere. These symptoms that mimic diseases so we want you to know these are the effects of the mini life review coming up. Remember when you have in your body deep, deep seeded emotional trauma and pain, when they come forth cause the body wants to let it go, it may manifest as medical symptoms. So just know that much of these things are because of a mini life review and doesn’t necessarily mean you have an illness.

You will also find that people who are mentally imbalanced will be more so until they begin to consciously change their thought and belief and to move into that place of their true self. So remember, resistance will magnify the condition in the body, in the emotional body, in the mental body. Resistance will magnify it. And remember as you resist at that point you are not able to receive and all the universe is asking all of us to do at this point in our evolution is to receive. Receive the goodness that we are. Take a deep breath.

So we have a saying on this new flight to earth two, to the new earth, there are no carry on baggage. So remember no carry-ons on this trip. So you might like to go through and review what you have got on your carry on baggage and begin to discard them one by one with the understanding, oh I don’t need this. I really don’t need this. All you need is you.

Now it has been said that the earth is moving into this vibration of being a star. That’s pretty amazing. And remember, all of creation is ascending and we have been told that the whole universe, the galaxy is waiting for earth as a collective for her to make her move to the higher dimensions. So we have plenty of visitors here. We have many, many, many beings from everywhere observing us. They are learning from how we go through our resistance so we are all setting the example, good or bad, of how we are doing with releasing. Its just old stuff, its old beliefs. We will get more into that whole level of beliefs in future shows, where again setting the foundation for the rest of the series. So we like you to begin to now feel how your self impose barriers, how it impacted your body. Just begin to feel in your body where you have lodged the self imposed barriers, these judgments. Mostly judgments about how things should be and how you should be, you know, what it is to be spiritual. We have these limitations on what it means to be spiritual and metaphysical, and to be a healer, and a teacher, and all of that. So we must remember that you can’t carry on, on this new flight. We can’t put those kinds of perceptions in our carry on baggage, for we are not going to be able to carry on any baggage.

We would like you to look at the places where you are stuck, places where you feel frozen in time literally. Perhaps it is an early on childhood experience, perhaps it was a situation two years ago and you are still working on healing that, perhaps it was some kind of emotional experience from a year ago that you are still feeling and thinking about all the time. Just let that come forth. So we want you to feel the heaviness of all of this because awareness is truth and awareness heals. Unless you are aware of something and how it has impacted you, you can’t change it, you can’t shift it. Another deep breath please.

Now we would like you to feel a space around you, around your body, around your environment right now because it will feel very different at the end of the meditation and attunement. It’s good to have a compare and contrast perspective. So you are just observing your space now. We also like you to feel inside your body and what that feels like and how your head-space feels like. And no matter if you’re getting a headache and are you really, really dense everything’s okay. You may have some injuries in your body that are being magnified and you may be feeling painful in certain areas like your low back, your knees, your neck, its all good. We are working with flow here.

I believe many people have a misperception about what is going to happen in 2012 at the end. 12;12;12 or 12:21:12. So life is going to go on. It would appear to go on as normal, in next year. Its not all of a sudden everything is going to be transformed and January 1, 2013 everything is going to be different. It will appear everything is going on as normal… for some people. But those of us on these calls will be seeing life very differently, although it may still appear normal. And along the way you may lose some connections but know that you will gain others that really resonate with who you are and where you are going with your life.

Let’s do one more aspect here, before we get into the meditation. This is the whole concept of money. What that represents. So we like you to bring forth all your opinions about money. Lets just start with money is the root of all evil. That’s a very ancient archetype. So if you have any connection with that belief, that thought, that somehow money is a root of all evil, or the root of most evil, or the root of some evils, and I don’t want to have to do with all that, this has to come forth. That’s also a religious idea. And remember you have had thousands of lifetimes here and evolution on this planet goes back many thousands of years. Not just a few thousand. This is the twelfth rise, some say the thirteen rise of civilization on this earth and you have been on each rise of this earth. So we have all been here many times and with the exception of some of these crystal kids that are being born now. This for some of them is the very first time. There are beings who have volunteered from other places to be here for the first time. So they may appear to have adjustment issues. That’s okay. Just know that they may have come not only to help with the ascension of earth but also to learn about earth’s life, which is, and has been extremely challenging most of the time. That’s okay too.

Getting back to money, money stuff. Whatever issues you have with money, money can be dirty. I like the one about how you are not supposed to receive money for your spiritual work that you are supposed to give it away, for free, or that you are not supposed to charge so much, just a little for your healing work. But please remember, you pay doctors good money, you pay psychiatrists good money for their services, and you pay lawyers way too much money per hour for their services. Take a slow deep breath and simply allow.
We like you to remember how your parents thought about money. Most of your parents had to struggle with that, it wasn’t easy for them, especially after WWII. And how much of their attitude of money did you inherit, did you take on? How much of their money pain did you take into your self and begin to act it out or to go into resistance. Whatever thing you can think of regarding money that you feel has affected your life, let it come forth.

So we are about set. It may be getting very intense right now for some of you. Okay that’s all good. You can handle it. You are a divine being, you can handle anything. We also want you to bring up this whole idea that if it gets emotionally too intense I’m going to freak out, I can’t handle it, I won’t be able to handle it. You just have to go to bed and sleep for two hours, or two days, or two lifetimes. Just let that come forth.

Okay so we are set now. We are going to lead you through the protocol once again so that if you choose to do this in preparation for your meditation, your prayer work, or your yoga that it will assist you if you choose to do this. Okay first of all, we are going to bring awareness through the breath to the body. The body is very important because it is your vehicle. Okay again. Breathing into the light, that divine light within. Now take the light deep in to the subatomic level of your body, anchor that light there, exhaling through the mouth allowing the body to relax even deeper. Allowing the mind to clear. You are the voyager. You are outside of space-time. You are in quantum field of many possibilities. You are the voyager. Seven times, breathe in the light, and anchor it in the body, wherever you need to anchor it into the body. You can start with the bottoms of the feet, that’s always good.

As we begin, I will do this for everyone. So we call forth the Presence, the Prime Creator, the prime source and we ask to be a clear and perfect channel for your love, your light, your knowledge, your wisdom, your eternal peace, your joy, your bliss, your ecstasy, your divine balance and harmony. We ask to be a clear and perfect channel for grace to manifest through us upon the earth and all those that we have a relationship with. We ask now to connect to another layer or level of our higher self, our divine presence, our “I am”, and that soul part of us that’s assigned to this embodiment. We call forth the presence of the masters and the angels and they call forth your guardian angels and we call forth your inner child, and we ask you to be open to receiving a more direct connection with you particular soul group and the essence of your home world, your guides. We call forth the presence from all of the universe, all those that wish to assist, to make themselves presence, and all those who wish to learn from us today, we welcome you. Let us call forth your ancestors so they also can receive their shifts and transformations, as they are ready. Call forth the presence and spirit of Gaia as we acknowledge that emerald grid below our feet and allow our magnetic field through the feet to be more deeply connected with this emerald grid. Take a deep breath into the earth, feel her love.

We are going to ask you to visualize and evoke four pillars of light in the corners of your home, also in the corners of your consciousness to represent the four directions. We call forth the star gate of transformation as we activate the power of the great central sun into our bodies, through the sun chakra at our belly button.
Okay now bring awareness to the brain. We are going to activate the brain to a new level now. The pineal, pituitary, and thalamus area of the brain. Looking up into the brain, allowing the brain to activate into this golden light, activating latent cells if you will. Remember that storage area in your brain? You are going to open up that storage area and allow any excess information, quantum data to be stored in the brain until you need it. The rest can flow directly into your nervous system through the brain, through the heart center for immediate integration.

Now move awareness to the base of the skull. Feel a sensation of peace moving through the base of the skull. Now we are going to move down the spine once again, very slowly, starting with the atlas the very tip of the spine. You are going to bring awareness not only to the spinal bones, or the vertebra, but also into the dural tube. That’s that little very delicate incasing that’s in the center of the spinal column, and it contains your spinal fluid, your lubricant. As you move down the spine you are simply going to observe with awareness and with a sense of love, just going to observe, continue to bring the breath and awareness slowly down the spine. Whenever you experience pain, or tension, or knots you are just going to be aware you are not going to do anything. Simply going to allow and receive. The light knows what to do, simply step aside and get out of the way. Now as you allow the focus to move down the spine, you may imagine waves of peaceful, peaceful waves of light that are moving down your body from the top of your head all the way down, your arms and legs, down through your torso legs and off the feet. These waves will help the body to relax even deeper. Little tiny wavelets of light may feel like water or liquid. Let it just continue to move down and through and around your body. As you get to the sacrum, down towards the end of the spine, again you are going to visualize your original eight cells of creation and this time they should look different then before. So we simply ask you to observe the relationship of your eight cells, and how they are feeling, how they are moving. Does it feel in harmony or does it still feel a little bit erratic and edgy? Just simply be aware. Allow the focus to settle in the sacrum. Your body may want to move, or move on its own, you simply allow. If you begin to feel the collapsing aspect of this work that’s all normal. If you lost my voice and leave your body that’s alright.

Now we are going to take the focus down the leg, down into the souls of the feet. You are simply going to be observant as to the tension there in the lower part of your body, especially as the awareness moves through your knees. Continue to breath, you are continuing to breathe in the light and merging with the light. Now begin to anchor this vibration into the earth from your feet. Go into the deep magnetic core of the great mother. You will experience the light of the core of the earth. As you do this, you will begin to experience a sense of the elemental energies of the earth. Wondrous beings that serve mother earth, and they also serve your body for they are those elements in your body. Come back into the body, and bring your awareness now and the breath to the belly button. We are going to activate the sun chakra once again, so that you can receive a deeper vibration of the deep central sun. It is that pure creative energy. Let that vibration spread throughout the abdominal area and region, front and back throughout your hip joints, whatever emotional memories or energies that may come forth just allow it to move, allow it to move, it knows where to go. If any pain comes up, just allow it to move. You are the voyager.

Okay now we are going to bring awareness up into the solar plexus area. In here again, remember, is the matrix of your soul. You may perceive it or sense it like a mandala. We are going to ask for another clearing and cleansing of your matrix. So take a deep breath, very big deep breath into your solar plexus area and let go all the air through your mouth very gently. Relax and release, allow. It will all pass through, it is all good. You may feel pressure in your lower back and your kidneys, it is all good, just let it pass, let it all move. The energy wants to move. Don’t hold on to anything. Be free, let it go. You are surrounded by a cocoon of light. A very huge cocoon of light and within this cocoon is your support. You have all the support in all the worlds.

Now we are going to move awareness of the breath and the light up into the chest, thymus. And we are going to ask you to in your minds eye, to mentally tape your thymus gland about 7-9 times. This is to help wake up the part of your immune system that is related to your small and large intestines and your stomach, as well as the brain.

Okay now bring awareness to your heart and just breath very gently. Breathe into the heart and begin to merge with the feeling of your heart. We ask you now to feel and imagine and sense the energies of gratitude and appreciation and you are going to send gratitude and appreciation to all the organs in your body. Let’s start first with your brain and send gratitude love and appreciation to the brain. Then to your lungs, your throat, and go to all the organs in the middle part of your body, your liver, gal bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, your digestive system, and then down into your abdomen, kidneys and adrenal glands, your sexual organs, your solar plexus, and then into your back, and you are going to send the love and appreciation to your joints. Your toe joints, your finger joints, your ankles, knees, and hips, your wrists your elbows, your shoulder joints. All the vertebras in the spine, your jaw joint, gratitude and appreciation. Stay focused within the heart.

Now we ask you to now observe the energy space around your body and how it is different. Also notice how your body is feeling different. Especially inside, eternally, and how your mind feels different. You are just simply going to take notice and acknowledge the difference, still radiating gratitude and appreciation. Now you are going to send that feeling, as a force and as a power, to all the beings that are present. You are going to send it out into the universe, out to the planet, into the planet, around the planet. You are going to send it into the galaxy. All the beings, and all the start clusters, all the planets in our milky-way galaxy. Send it into all the known planets in our solar system, plus all the new ones they haven’t discovered yet. Send it back to prime source. Take a deep breath. Now really receive now, that energies coming back as a force, back to you. Just simply take it in and receive it. Bath in it and soak it up. Let it go into your brain, your heart. Now you are going to send this out once again because now you have been turbo boosted, quantumly turbo boosted. You are going to send it to those who you love who may be going through some difficult times. Send it to their soul and their soul will know what to do with it for the personality and for the body. Now send it also out to those that you have had difficulty with in the past. Past marriage, past relationship, former boss, send it to their soul as well. You can send it also to your ancestors and also those past onto the other side, you can send it to your pets, and the pets are your friends. Send it to your coworkers. Send it to everybody you can think of. It will go there all at once. You are now a channel for that gratitude and appreciation. You are letting that light flow through you, as you, into your world, into your reality because you are the voyager. Let that continue over time and remember you are a channel for this wonderful, beautiful energy. You will always be full because you channel it. Don’t keep it to your self, you are going to share this. That is how we all grow. That’s how the earth grows and evolves, and that’s how you ascend. You share everything and then more comes to you. Okay center your self in your, feel very grounded. You might want to send down deep roots down into your feet in to the core of our beautiful earth and your assignment will be to be a clear and perfect channel for gratitude and appreciation.

Allow you’re self to settle in as we say, settle in this new vibration. You don’t need to process this, simply allow it to integrate into the cells of your body, into the cells of your mind, into your physical heart. Give yourself permission to be. Give yourself permission to express love, to receive love, to be love. We are going to ask your inner child to continue to deeply receive the gifts of healing and to receive the energies of awakening, the energies of peace.

So we ask you to drink more water and if you need to take a nap please do so. You may get very hungry shortly so we ask you just to eat what you would love to eat. Chew your food thoroughly and be very conscious of the whole process of eating so your digestion can be very good. Do your self a lot of strokes today and bless your self each and every day for you are divinely blessed and loved by the angels, by the masters, by all creation. You have a right to be here and you have a right to be happy. You have a right to be fully awake. It is your birth right. Always remember you are the voyager, you are the divine being having that experience in a physical body, or through a physical body, but you are not your body, and you are not your emotions and you are not your situations. As we leave you now continue to stay in the flow and know you are divinely blessed each and every moment of your life. We send our blessings and love. Namaste