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Joyful Lightweavers Membership
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One of the most difficult parts of the spiritual journey is staying on track.  In this monthly membership, you will get two monthly calls for keeping your frequency high with the latest global energy updates and activations.  Each call has a Q&A, so you can ask questions and gain personal insights from Kenji himself.

You will be able to interact with the energy and vibration of transformation, acceleration, immersion, healing and ascension. We will bring forth the masters and angelic presences that support you on your journey home.

All of us will support you in releasing your energy from the matrix of suffering, limitation, dis-ease and lack. We will hold for you the highest level of spiritual vibration and consciousness that your brain and body can hold and embody.

One of the essence energies that we will hold for you is that of FREEDOM. Freedom to be your true self; freedom to express your uniqueness; freedom to be clear of the shackles of time and space.

On occasion, we will invite my favorite like minded colleagues to present on selected themes for 45-60 mins with some Q & A.


  • Membership Call:  One 60-90 minute live call to answer your personal questions on personal healing, business practice, ascension symptoms, relationships and your pain points. Concludes with a group activation. Recorded replay available. Chat feature enabled.
  • New Earth Consciousness Call:  One 60-90 minute live recorded call on the membership matrix upgrades, attunements and initiations to help the membership evolve, expand and align with the Unified Field of Oneness and New Earth Consciousness. Q & A and guided meditation. Chat feature enabled.
  • Free Content:  At least one free MP3 recording every month from my activations library valued at $20-$50 each
  • Huge Discounts:  40% discount on multi-part Online Series
  • More Discounts:  40% discount on New and Full Moon online events valued at $20-$33 each and most new products added.
  • Private Session Discounts:  $60 discount on phone & in person Private Sessions
  • Vortex Discounts:  $100 discount on live Asheville Sacred Hike package valued at $397 special pricing per person, 4 total hours with recorded vortex activation
  • Free downloads:  QL Poster image valued at $25
  • *Bonus Giveaway: One member each month will be selected for a free 60-minute recorded phone session.

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 What THE members are saying:


“It came down to priorities. Kenji has helped me so much in the past and PROVEN how valuable his work is in my personal growth and expansion, that I felt it (the monthly membership) was a NECESSITY of life that could no longer be ignored”.

– Karen, B, MD, Psychotherapist

“I joined the Quantum Lightweavers Membership this past Summer and my life has completely transformed in the last few months. I went from being unclear of which gifts of mine were meant to share and of how to Shine my voice and light out into the world. To now freely channeling messages, sharing my gifts openly, and trusting Life on a whole other level.”

Tanja James

“I love the membership call.  So helpful.  Thanks to all the people who called in I loved hearing your questions and comments — great to know you are all out there.”

– S.T.

“Just wanted to thank you for last nights call, I ask for help with agitation, I woke up this morning feeling great and with a very positive attitude. You are a God send!”
Kathy B.

ery important and powerful activation last night ! Thank You for your wisdom guidance and assistance in helping us to recover and shine the brightest light within to permeate our lives! 🙏 Namaste”