How to Connect With Your Inner Voice

Hello! This came across to me and I just wanted to share with you some ideas. Take what you need and leave the rest.

  • Live by the Golden Rule
  • Give gratitude whenever possible
  • Remember the Law of One
  • Listen, meditate and wait for the right time to act
  • Be at peace as best you can
  • Share your best knowledge
  • Give your very best in every action and deed
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is within
  • Love the kids and animals
  • Bring out the best in others
  • See everyone and everything as they truly are
  • Stay connected with Mother Nature
  • Know you have done the best you could
  • Empower others
  • Stay true to yourself

Also if you ever feel as if you are getting thoughts from your higher power, inner self or just your intuition shouting out to you, here are a few tricks you can use to really connect with that voice and tune it in better:

  1. Meditation– is always a great way to quite your mind, then allowing your ability to hear guided wisdom to come through the frequency waves.
  2. Journaling
    Keeping a notebook by your bedside or in your purse or briefcase is a great idea. Sometimes thoughts, ideas or even answers to your questions can come to you out of nowhere, when you least expect it.This could be really important information, always be quick to jot it down because you probably will forget later.
  3. Connecting with Nature
    Whether you walk, ride your bike, swim, hike, ski,or anything you do that connects you with the beautiful natural world, also helps your connection with all things including your higher self.Try talking to an animal with your mind and see if they notice you. You can use this exercise over and over to help tune in better.
  4. Memory Games
    This is not only a great way to help keep your brain healthy but it can also aid in helping you to listen to your inner guidance.Remember, each one of us are all-knowing beings. We all have access to unlimited information; our job here is to be able to connect with it.

Just being conscious of your higher self is a great way to start connecting with all that wisdom.

Notice all that is around you and be mindful of synchronicities, chance meetings, situations that may seem like coincidences, it’s all just a great wonderful game called life.

The more you appreciate it and enjoy it, the better it can become! Have fun!!

What have you noticed lately?

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  1. Annette Hartt

    Congratulations on this new website Kenji! I really appreciate the techniques above for getting in touch with my inner voice. I’m making it a constant habit to be conscious of all that I am grateful for and how things are interconnected. For instance I love the coffee I drink to start my day. I realize that it started as a beans in Columbia, the beans were grown, picked, ground, canned, shipped, shelved, and finally I was able to purchase it. The can it comes in was also produced and that’s another part of the great connection! It goes on with the coffemaker, my favorite mug, milk and milk container as well. It really is incredible when we take the time to delve into it all, but once we do it then it becomes so natural.

    I also use and enjoy your Quantum Light Weaving program that I purchased a few years ago.

    Blessings & Light,
    Annette Hartt

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