If all lessons and life experiences are Gifts, then one has no need to feel guilty, resentful or ashamed of these experiences – and can look forward to the Blessings that these lessons offer. If you forget the certainty of the past, then you can live in the Now Moment each day. Since the Love of God lives within You, you can live the Peace of God, live by the Truth and Be Yourself. Your sense of loss comes from fear. What is of Love is never lost. I AM means you are the awareness and recognition of the Unity of All Life. Be the Peace.
I AM as God created me



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Weekly Meditations

Weekly Meditations Spent 10-15 minutes each week in contemplation of these principles that will set you free What exists within you is shared with all Witness What Is from a space of observation You see others as who they really are Each connection you make is one of...

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Weekly Contemplations

Weekly Contemplations Observing the truth in others is the miracle Your body is a neutral form that serves you in which you choose to have it serve you The beauty in you is shared with everyone All expressions of Love are of maximal benefit to everyone - Inspiration...

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Be Still And Know

Contemplative Meditation Be Still And Know Giving and Receiving are one and the same. Give to others what you have received and receive from others what you have given. There is never loss, only gain. See others for who they are and not what you want them to be. See...

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