Today we’re going to share about miracles, especially when it comes to relocation to a new area. So to make a very long story short, as you may know, I am back in Sedona, Arizona, my homeland.

Now how I got here within four weeks is a miracle in itself, but I’ll share you the highlights. So I was given in two channel readings, oh, probably over a year ago, from two different sources. And the Sedona move was not prompted by any questions or any subject matter in the readings.

So this happened within about a two week period from the two sources that I trusted. And they both said, sort of matter of factly, oh, and by the way, you’re going to be moving back to Sedona. And when I heard that, my heart just jumped for joy.

I just got really instantaneously excited. So after readings, well, I started to think, wow, man, to move back Sedon where I had been for four years, up until 2019, Wow, that would be a blessing. So I looked off and on in listings, including Craig’s little list and nothing appealing.

And I was on this list of this property management company out of Cottonwood. And she would always send me weekly listings. Of course, I weren’t interested in any of them really. I did check out one or two, but I didn’t check out anything over my price range, because I had set a limit for what I wanted to pay for rent.

And one time she sent me this listing and it was over what i wanted to paid for it, but for some reason I clicked on it. And I viewed the photos and everything and was not really impressed. You know, I didn’t want it and I did not want it I was very neutral when I looking at this listing, but then I read that the lease would could be negotiable for a few years.

I thought, well, that’s very rare for Sedona. So I inquired. And in the meantime, I sent the owner who happened to own a property management company in Sedonah an old application that I had filled out for renters, my screenshot of my credit score, my driver’s license, a little letter stating what I was looking for and that I’m an ideal renter, recent photo, you know, that kind of stuff to kind to let the person know that I was a legit person and very serious about renting a place long term.

So eventually I got an appointment interview and I asked my friend in civilian if she would come interview for me, which she did. The first interview date was canceled and postponed to Saturday and then I thought, well, I’m probably going to be the last interview and there’s probably been a zillion people already interviewed for it and want it.

Okay, But we’ll do it anyway. So we face time. I got to meet the owner. And my friend showed me some of the pictures of the rooms in the backyard. And she said, Kenji, you got to take this or else you’re going to have to wait another year to move here.

Now what transpired a few days before that was our dear friend Sheila Gail had made some passage to the other side. And apparently she was literally with my friend in the house and she was I am sure in her own way talking the owner into offering me the House that I would be his ideal renter for like forever and being bold in this situation and not really being attached to getting the rental or not getting and I was still very neutral like okay.

I had offered him an offer and he came back with a counter offer which was at the price range that I have offered and with the two -year fixed lease I asked for four. He came back for two with possibility that the lease would be renegotiated at maybe a slightly, slightly emphasized the higher price.

But I was okay with that. Well, he offered me the home. And I was actually surprised, because I Was very neutral about the whole thing. Although Sheila Gail was working her magic in that room in the Home at that time.

My friend was aware that she was there energetically. And I also got the impression that because my friend, because Sheila left, it opened up a door for me to move into Sedona, almost like they had a limit of how many star seeds can live or rent in Sedon at any one time.

Kind of weird, but you know, it could be kind of accurate. But I feel that Sheila’s passing did help open the door, for to get that place. So we had help from the other side. And the neat thing was, from the time that I said yes in the lease, the time I actually unloaded everything and got pretty much everything set up in this new home was four weeks, a little over four weeks.

I’m still thinking about that and going, wow, that is amazing. I can’t believe that we did it with all the help that I had asked for with the transport of my stuff and my car and me flying back to Phoenix Airport from Asheville.

The packing, the loading up, the unloading, unpacking and setting up. Wow, a little over four weeks and I was all set to go in my new house. That to me is still amazing. I could have never done it on my own in that amount of time.

So I consider this a miracle. Everything went smoothly in spite of Penske truck issues, which never caused an accident. But we had the angels flying along the Penske Truck going almost 2000 miles. And I so appreciate the help that I got packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, setting up.

amazing. I’m so grateful. So I wanted to share that miracle story with you that if by chance you are prompted to move on literally on a moment’s notice that you jump on it because the timing if not taken then may not come around for a while again.

So I had learned because my mind thought, oh, God, there’s no way I can get this all done for a March move in. This was late January. I thought no, wait, can I do that? I though about asking like for April 15th move -in, believe it or not, but then I thought well, I’m going to have to pay rent anyway.

So, well I might as well order my U -Haul boxes tomorrow and skip the show on the road. amazing. So I wanted to show that little miracle story that literally in a month’s time you could be in new location if you are prompted and guided to do so.

That is all for now. Please check out our new programs, our membership program and our New Awaken to Higher Conscious this program and we are offering again new services, Sedona Hikes, Couples R &R here in Sedonah, and please feel free to come and visit me and partake of a hike and our other goodies that Sedonia has to offer.

We are here now to help Sedono become a prototype city of light. Many blessings to you. Have a great week, have a great life and until next time, adios!


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