As we move along our evolutionary spiral of expanded awareness, it is important to remember that we have to let go of our current level of Identifications in order to move into the next level. We have cultural, historical, ancestral, societal, political, religious, spiritual Identifications that we call attachments and entanglements on the physical, emotional and mental planes. In order to move into the 5D new reality world, we have to be willing to let go of all that has come before us, ie, our history of attachments, preferences and desires.

The old way of doing Life will not work in the New Earth matrix. Old ideas need to give way to new ideas that emanate from the Quantum. We have been too conditioned and programmed to do certain things in certain ways at certain times. The New Earth requires us to be spontaneous, in the NOW moment, bringing full awareness and presence into everything that we do, think, feel and know. Whatever is not working in your life right now will not work in the New Earth, so that is your sign, your message.

We are moving from limited thinking doing to unlimited being; close minded thinking to infinite higher mind possibilities; stuck emotional patterns to free flowing loving expressions equally to all; being stuck in the past to fully experiencing the present moment with all its miracles and wonder; worrying about things to being the joy and inspiration of a free soul. These are some of the things we need to do to achieve our freedom and reclaim our sovereignty.

The less we identify (and attach to) with our experiences, especially emotionally, the more we are free To Be and To Experience the wonder of Life and the miracles that the Universe has to share with us. The less we label experiences, the more we are free and our aura shines brightly. The less we judge ourselves and others, the freer we become. Less clutter in the mind means more spaciousness in our consciousness and body. The less we condemn, the more we become loving souls free of limitations and distractions. The less we anger, the more we love. With less conditioned reactions the more we become responsive to Life. With less stress comes more joy, which is our natural state of expression and Beingness. We are meant to be Joyful, or Joy-filled. Joy to the world.

– From the Wisdom Keeper