I’d like to share briefly about my soul journey, my final journey from Asheville, North Carolina to Sedona, Arizona. So I was told perhaps a year, year and a half ago through two different channels that I trust.

And this information was not prompted. It was not asked about. It was just given freely, literally out of the blue. But I was told that I’d be moving back to Sedona. And with that knowing, my soul just started jumping with joy.

I just got so excited at the possibility that I won’t have to be in Asheville for a long, long time that I will eventually be moving out of there back to my homeland, that place where I call home, Sedona, Arizona, a beautiful high desert town.

And all of a sudden, you know, I had been looking for about off and on for about a year or so. And, the listings were overpriced and they just didn’t seem right. But I got a rental listing from an agent in Cottonwood.

It was more than what I was willing to pay. But I checked it out for some reason, and I was looking out to the description and it said, lease can be negotiable. In other words, I got the impression that maybe we can do a several year lease at the same price.

But what he was asking for was not what I was willing to pay for. So me being in my boldness these days, because that’s what you need to do, right? In this age of change and transition to be in your boldness.

So me as a perspective renter, I went and contacted him by email. them my information, my credit score, an older application that I filled out before when it had all my personal information, my picture, a brief summary of what I was looking for.

Oh, let’s see what else. Just other information that would make the owner feel like I was like their ideal renter. And I did mention that I am an ideal renter. I didn’t put, I was tempted to put your ideal renter, but instead I changed it and made it kind of like more universal, I guess.

And I offered him $3 ,000 on a 40 -year lease. So amazingly, he emailed me back and offered me $3 ,000 a month on a two -year fixed with the ability to negotiate the next lease at a just a slightly higher rate.

He gave me the impression that it wasn’t going to raise my rent $500 or $1 ,000, right? So I contemplated that. I sent off this information to my friend who I always asked to scan because she’s very good at scanning with the pendulum, this rental and the owners.

And the response came back a very, very strong, strong, yes, yes, yes, yes, on both of them. And then I thought, well, you know, the house looks bare. Obviously it’s all white inside. So I asked my friend in Sedona to have an appointment with the owner in my place.

So the first interview was canceled. It was for Wednesday. And then it was rescheduled for a Saturday. And I thought, well, that’s unusual. Interview being rescheduled. I must be the last interview. I think I was actually.

So anyway, she goes there and she face times me so I could get a look video wise of the interior and a little bit of the outside. And she said, Kenji, you got to take this house. You got to take this house or you’re going to have to wait another year.

Now, when she said that, I thought, yeah, she’s accurate. She just channeled that information. And I contemplated it for a few seconds, really. And then I was introduced to the owner. We seem to have a very nice connection, a very nice heart connection.

And he offered me his deal and I took it. Now, mind you, I’m looking at this rental in neutrality. I’m not for it. I’m not against it. I was very neutral. Like I didn’t care if I got it or if I didn’t get it.

So that might say something, right, regardless of what you do. God. So anyway, now, during this time, our daily beloved Sheila Gale had made sudden transition. And it just so happened that Spirit Sheila was in the home working with the owner and channeling through Aurora.

And I felt that, in part, because of Sheila’s caring for me and knowing that I really loved to be back in Sedona, that she assisted in my getting the rental. And I’m sure there were plenty of applicants.

And I heard later after the fact that that house had been a vacant for two months. But also was told that the whole interior was upgraded and renovated, and a new porch deck put in. And it looked like brand new.

It’s big enough for my needs and my ability to do these online events and big living space in the kitchen living room and we are scheduled a housewarming and blessing potluck party coming up at the end of April and I know I’m going to receive all the blessings given to me because for one thing just like you, I’ve earned the right I guess to be in this beautiful place that I love.

Asheville was a lot of hard work. It was like going through a post graduate university again for four and a half years and I feel that I graduated with honors. Asheville University stayed for higher consciousness, comedy team kind of thing, right?

But anyway, I feel like I put in my time in Asheville. I did what I could energetically for the whole area, for the owner of that house at that time and everything and so I’m so glad to be back here but here’s the neat thing I want to share with you.

I hired, I paid my dear friends in Greenville, South Carolina to drive a Penske truck with a car carrier from Greenville to Sedona and I would fly out from Asheville to Phoenix Airport and so I rented a large Penske truck, 22 footer.

Everything looked great until we got to the place to hook up the car and everything. We found out that the dolly that I ordered was missing, that the blankets were all wet and soggy and the car carrier was missing a front end strap, is supposed to have a too, it only had one.

Plus the door to the truck was unlocked when we got there with the Home Depot Penske customer service people. So that was all very strange. Plus, one of the tires had two touring treads. I looked at that and I go, wow, we can’t rent this truck, man, the tires are going to blow up down the road.

But Penske called in a tire specialist. He came at the house as we were loading up and said, tires fine, you can drive on it. And I thought, oh my God, I would not. But my friend said, okay. So with a lot of help from my friends in Asheville and my friends in Greenville, we packed up everything and I have a lot of stuff, packed up everything in, what was it?

It was a short amount of time, I kind of forget right now, but it was a very short amount of time. Oh, actually, and I cleaned the place too. Everything except for the floors. We packed up everything and loaded everything up in the Penske truck in less than four weeks from the time that I knew I was moving.

I never thought I could do it that fast, but I called in for help. I asked for help when I got it. So I had my friends pack up all my crystals, my pictures, all the kitchenware. I packed up the bedroom stuff, my clothes.

I had my friends pack up the TVs and stereo equipment and all my papers and charts and bookkeeping stuff. So it was really amazing. And so the truck did make it to Sedona, but it had issues along the way.

We won’t get into that. So we told customer service at Penske, all of the issues that came up, I asked for a reconsideration of the payment that I had paid. And so basically, I asked for 50% off what I paid.

They agreed to that plus they were going to pay for the dolly that I had to go buy because none were available in the whole area of Asheville that day. They paid for that. And so everything worked out.

Some bumps along the road, but hey, I saved some money that I use for down payment on deposit on this home. And I had my Sedona people here help me unpack, unload the truck, and we unloaded and unpack and pretty much set everything up within six days.

And I have a lot of stuff. So that was a miracle. So I just want to share with you that I moved in God’s name. everything set up within a short amount of time. If I had done it myself, I’d still be in Nashville packing up.

And this is three weeks ago that I moved in here. So I’m very blessed to have the support. So when you find yourself in a place where you’ve got to move on any level, you ask for help, because you deserve it, you work for it, and you’ll get it.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Okay, that’s one of the things that healers, that’s one of their weak spots, one of their blind spots, right? Asking for help or asking for healing. So do, do ask when you need it, ask.

So I just want to share with you that I’m very happy in this home. I feel very much at home. I’m in a great location. The background there is Thunder Mountain. I’m literally a few blocks away from the base of Thunder Mountain and a secret trailhead.

So, mmm, mmm. going good here. So I hope this is inspiration for you in your next move, however it might be on whatever level, keep the faith. Thank you for tuning in. And by the way, I’ve got some new offerings, Sedona sacred vortex hikes, couples R &R, a new advanced mastery program, and creating a chakra online program.

And we’re creating a new membership program. So those programs are going to launch in early May. But do check out our homepage and our offerings drop down menu at the top of the site. So thank you and go to KenjiKumara .com for more goodies and information on current events coming up on zoom.


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