New Earth Transmission 9
The Elementals – Free Gift

We are going to introduce to you the 4 Elemental Kingdoms of Nature and the New Earth. It is important to reconnect with the Nature Kingdom and to establish rapport and alignment so your body and mind can begin to heal naturally with the assistance from these wonderous Beings of Light. They are here to support us and to give healing to long-standing issues, be it medical issues, emotional patterns, belief systems, energetic imbalances and resistance. We will give some practical examples of how to connect with the 4 Elementals in your meditation and in your walks in Nature so your body can heal on an elemental level, a subatomic and cellular level. Here is some basic information that will inspire your imagination into their realms:

All the elementals have four primary tasks:

  • Dissolving the old
  • Creating the new
  • Cleansing for optimal performance
  • Healing and restoration

ll the elements work with each other and they all perform cleansing actions in their own ways. You could have a whole series on “Cleansing and clearing with the Elementals” for example! There are additional powers included beyond cleansing too. Sylphs – Air Element Salamanders – Fire Gnomes – Earth Undines – Water.

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