New Year’s Resolution? Here’s a Better Way to Bring Change

Just because it is a “new year” doesn’t mean we have to change everything about ourselves.  After so many of my own “new years resolution” encounters, I have to say that I have learned a better way of bringing on change and a clean slate.

When I say better, I am referring to the way I go about creating things in my life.

Resolutions made me feel that things were wrong and I was not where I wanted to be, still striving for something I didn’t have, which only amplifies the fact that I don’t have it.

I believe we should be treating ourselves with kindness not punishing ourselves with “resolutions”, I didn’t do anything wrong and nothing needs to be resolved.

Everything is exactly how it should be and being thankful is always first and foremost… but there are things that I would like, more money, better fitness, etc. (we all know how that list goes)  and that is just it, making a list is probably one of the nicest ways to treat yourself to a new year.  Now when I say make a list I don’t mean to just jot a few things down as I did back there.

To create a great list for a new chapter in your life here is what I suggest:

  1. First take a day or two and jot down things that have happened to you in the past year you are truly grateful for, or any time frame you wish to start from, you can do this on a monthly basis if you like.Just write down, in detail, things that happened that truly made you or someone else happy.You can write down random acts of kindness you didn’t tell anyone about, or the $20.00 you found, or anything that you remember that made you feel good.
  2. After you have that list, then go ahead and write down a wish list. Be specific.Remember it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand how it will come to you, all that matters is you know what you want!Then, read your list every day.  You can add to it or even cross off things that come to be.  Either way, its now your new way of making a “resolution” and its being done in a way that is not only simpler, but will have a much greater effect on what you bring into your life.

Enjoy this new chapter and please feel free to send any comments or experiences you have in your own life!

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  1. Viatcheslav

    electronic translation. Kenny, I’m sorry, it’s obsolete calls that nothing. It is necessary to offer a realistic understanding of human spiritual component – Spirit, soul, mind, consciousness, and I teach a person to consciously use these tools. Then he can control himself. (I’m sorry I do not know English)
    Кени, извините, это устаревшие призывы, которые ничего не дают. Необходимо человеку предложить реалистичное понимание духовной составляющей – Дух, Душа, Ум, Сознание, Я и научить человека осознанно пользоваться этими инструментами. Тогда он сам сможет управлять самим собой. (я не знаю английский сорри).

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