November 11th, so?

What is all the hype about 11:11?

You may be hearing of people getting prepared to meditate for 11/11/15, or perhaps inviting you to join some sort of ascension ritual or at the very least you are just hearing lots of gab about it.

Regardless of why it was included in your awareness, I am sure the more important question is WHY is it so important? What could possibly be the big deal?

Repeating numbers such as 111 or 222, 333, even 999 are said to be angel numbers. Different sets of numbers could be implying different topics. For instance if you continually look at the clock when its 2:22 or you see numbers around you all the time such as license plates or phone numbers and addresses that all point to 222, its said that you are being sent a message from, well, maybe the other side.

You can Google any set of numbers you find all day long and you will probably receive as many different explanations as there are number combinations. However the one common denominator remains, something (or someone) is trying to get your attention.

Regardless of the message, or the repeating number, we should take a step back at the time you are aware and just breath deeply, notice what you were just thinking about or doing. Were you rushing somewhere irrationally, maybe you were deep in thought about what your life purpose is, or maybe its an even simpler thought just about a loved one.

Whatever the case may be, know that it is no accident. Know that you are being guided; being looked after; cared for and most likely being reminded that you can do what ever it is you intend.

As for November 11th significance, that is similar to the repeating numbers you may find around you, except on a larger scale, of course. If for no other reason just because it is a number that has alignment written all over it. This could be good enough for some to make it a day to notice life more, mediate longer, and be friendlier.

It certainly doesn’t happen every day, so it does make it cool in that aspect, but it does happen every year so its not that cool!

Sometimes planets in the sky may have an effect on the day, for example this 11/11 we will have a New Moon, which is always a great time for new beginnings and to ask for your dearest deepest wishes.

So even if you are not a numerologist nor partake in social gatherings for aligned numbers, do know this, any reason to readjust your life, take a step back and appreciate this beautiful world we live in, is as good a reason as any.

Enjoy and happy 11/11

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  1. Jasemin

    Jan Örsell skriver:Rättelse! Jag missade att skriva är pÃ¥ ett ställe. Det ska vara “Det är därför det kapitalistiska systemet är omöjligt pÃ¥ si&2k#8t30;”.

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