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Hello again from the Red Rocks!

We had our first free activation for the special blue moon event last week, although the activation was great, it certainly didn’t go off without any hitches! Tech issues seem to haunt me and we really had lots of those issues over the weekend.

My apologies to anyone it frustrated, my team did their best to get as much information out as they could and answer all the emails and FB posts! I know I am moving into a much better place, energetically as well as professionally so please bear with me while I branch out of this cocoon to help you all as dearly as I can!

In the meantime, just to keep us connected and to be reminded that we are always on our journey, here is an expert from “The Aware Show” I did with Lisa Garr back in 2013. I hope you enjoy it!

Lisa: Tell me how you got started, I mean, where, when… how did it all begin for you?

Kenji: It began when I was born….When I was born I started my path, and when I was age 5, I said, “Mommy, who am I?” She said, “You’re Japanese.” …and that actually began my search. Age 5. I knew, at 5 years old. I was asking the question. If she would have said something like, “You are that you are.” You know, “You are the ‘I Am spirit.'”

I would have went, “Cool! I got it.” But since she said, “You’re Japanese”, that really started my quest and actually it began in my first year in college, when I was 23.

I was the wanderer for probably 20 years in which I never stayed in one place physically for more than 6 months. I was always seeking out swamis, psychics, channelers, healers, anybody that I thought had what I was looking for, which was basically… I think deep down, because I’ve had an effendi for Yeshua, also known as Jesus, I on some level wanted to see if I could find how he healed.

Of course, I haven’t. Not on the earth plane. I’ve had to go on the other levels, but that was my conscious quest, was to find out how Jesus healed, and also how Buddha attained his awakening. Those are my two favorite guys, as I was in my early years of seeking.

Lisa: Wow. When someone goes on a quest like that, usually after some time if it works or if it doesn’t work they will make a decision, but you kept going until you found answers. So how did you know the answer that you were finding worked for you? How did you know that?

Kenji: Well, believe it or not, back when I left my last teacher and knew that I had to create my own practice, so to speak, and be on my own, that was at the end of ’06 and I taught my first training on a quantum level, although I had bits and pieces of before obviously, but that was in ’07 in Seattle.

That’s when I knew that I had something that was really working. Over the years since ’07, my intent was to make it more simple, and more simple, and more grounded with less having a need to go through a healing process or even to process the experience. So, we come to now in which the work from my perspective is very simple, and it’s also teachable, and people don’t have to go through a healing crisis in order to process it.

Lisa: Yes, and it’s very profound. So, let’s talk about the message that you talk about, quantum light weaving. Why did you go to the quantum level when you’re talking about healing? What is it about the quantum level that enables healing to happen faster?

Kenji: OK, I wanted to blend quantum theory into my business name, I knew that.

I didn’t want to be way out there where people couldn’t relate, so quantum had to be in the title, so to speak. Light weaving, I just love that phrase because if we shift from being a light weaver, to a light weaver from a light worker, see that energy difference? A light worker. There’s some heaviness in there, right? It implies a lot of work, where a light weaver… it’s very light.

Lisa: Yes, oh yeah absolutely. The effortlessness in the way that you speak in your journeying, in the way that you teach, is something that I find very easy to be able to have, and just to be. So, Quantum Lightweaving®. When you talk about quantum, you speak a lot about different dimensions, other galaxies, ascended masters. Tell me why or how you got in touch with that type of energy.

Kenji: I believe as a visionary, as a messenger, I serve the role as a bridger. I’ve always believed in the unseen worlds. I believe that my gifts or the sharing part of what we are is to help people, to understand and become aware that we’re not the only ones here.

There are so many archangels, there are so many masters that are here and have been here to help us. Just because we can’t see them clairvoyantly or physically doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are so many planets with incredible creative energies that are tapped into the earth evolution that are assisting us, and I like to think of it this way: If you live in a neighborhood, you’ve got to get to know your neighbors.

Why are you going to just be stuck in your own home, right? And not go out and know who your neighbors are? On a cosmic level, it’s time to get to know our neighbors.

Lisa: Well, if we’re talking about it in a practical sense, the common impression is that this is all there is. There is no water, so therefore there must be no life, no life form on these other planets, and that’s what science tells us.

Kenji: Yes, and they forget, because they don’t have the equipment to measure it, that every planet, every star, every sun has thousands of dimensions, and just because you have a 3-dimensional telescope and you look at a planet and that’s all you see, that’s just what, 3 dimensions out of how many? And say if they had equipment that could actually capture 7 dimensional, or 8, or 10. They would see civilizations. If they had looked inside the earth, they would see civilizations within the earth.

Lisa: Ahh, right.

Kenji: Universe really is teeming with life, yeah.

Lisa: Way before it’s even documented, they just don’t have the equipment to test it, that’s a very good way of looking at it. I realize that there are different dimensions because when I do tap into them, I have found the existence of being able to connect and communicate and manifest from those different dimensions, but when I’m talking about it to anyone else, they’re like “What? Huh? Who?” *laughter* And you can go there so fast, when you start to really dabble in these dimensions.

So, let’s go there, let’s talk about this great galactic shift that is on, and that we’re all on this quantum fast track to new earth consciousness, that you talk about. I got that from some of your material. What is that? What is that galactic shift, what do you think that we’re upon right now?

Kenji: Well, everything needs to evolve, right? So, it’s not only earth and everybody on it, but it’s all of the other planets on our solar system, galaxy and universe. It has been said that, actually, the universe is waiting for earth to make it’s shift, we’re like, holding things back.

I think we have regressed, I think we went off our timeline because of certain world events, 9/11 being one and going back to the 60s, and people know what I’m talking about in the 60s politically, what happened, I think it set us back.

So, I think we’re catching up, and when we do, as a humanity, move into that place of compassion and love and we don’t create any more wars here, that’s going to affect all of creation. So, we have a very important part to play, and everybody has a destiny, getting back to your question earlier, I came back because I wanted to be a part of this great transition for earth.

I believe that we weren’t forced to come back, that we all volunteered, and at the same time we decided, like in my case, I’m going to work out my stuff with my dad, and then I’ll be done with it and I’ll be free. And that’s actually how it’s happened. My dad was my main mirror, and it had to do with self-confidence, not to do with what maybe people think about karma. But my dad, because he couldn’t see who I was, he was pushing all my buttons about who I wasn’t. Not good enough, right?

I’ll never amount to anything, I’ll never be successful, I’ll always be a bum, I’ll always be a wanderer, I’ll never be able to settle down, let alone be in a successful marriage or be financially successful. All of that. He projected all of that, so I had to work through all that, and know that I’m none of that, that I am who I am expressing today. But that has taken me decades, that’s not something that like, took me three years. So, I’m comfortable in my skin now, but it’s taken a long time.

Lisa: Is your dad still with us now?

Kenji: He’s on the other side, and I’ve got to tell you some funny things.

Lisa: Yeah?

Kenji: I think some of you can relate to this. Back a few years ago when I was teaching the trainings in Santa Fe, I was told this but I also realized this. My parents were visiting in the trainings. So they are observing number one son being very successful. My mom believed in me more than my dad. They were both together, and she would nudge him with the elbow, going “See? See? Look! He’s doing it!” *laughter*

Lisa: So, how do we get beyond that self-criticism, or that judgment, or worry that we’re not going to be good enough, and that things aren’t going to be taken care of because that’s what we were told. How do we get beyond those?

Kenji: Well, you know in the activations… and I’ve got to say, the work that I do especially in the radio shows, I was not taught how to do these things. It was just sort of something that I have and that I express naturally, so I don’t ever try to train in how to do radio shows better.

I just am very spontaneous and I allow the information to come through as it comes through without censoring it. So, I realize one thing after all of these decades in the healing arts, is that for most people, generally speaking, when one is able to be free of their parents programming, imprinting, and when they’re free of any birthing trauma and when they free themselves from tribal consciousness, in other words, people seem to want to fit in and be normal.

I tell this young generation that you don’t want to do that. You want to be yourself, you want to be unique, you want to be outrageous. If you try to fit in and be normal in your peer group, you’re going to suffer. You’re going to be unhappy.

Lisa: Yep.

Kenji: And so, we’ve had that, all the generations have had that programming up until maybe recently, with these new crystal kids, but we’ve all been imprinted, and as long as we’re imprinted with the thing of self-judgment and sin and all of that stuff… from politics to military, the church, you name it. As long as we’re influenced by that…

Like having a low grade fever, where you don’t really think you have a fever, but there’s something running in the background. So, these imprints and running and they get triggered in certain circumstances by certain people.

The way that you can tell when you’re free, is when you aren’t triggered any more. Life happens, stuff happens, but you’re not affected by it, you just go “OK, I’m going to move on. I’ll do my best to stay in this place of compassion.” If people don’t understand, well, I do my best, and it’s not our job to make people understand where we’re coming from. We just have to express, spontaneously, our soul, because our soul knows. Then it’s up to people to respond as they will.

Lisa: When you get hooked or triggered by an old emotion or an upset or a person, particularly, that triggers these things in you, how do you actually bridge that gap to breaking the triggering and the reaction and sometimes I see that as… When I see other people do it I think they must have a lot of practice at this, or something. Is it something you can actually learn in a short amount of time?

Kenji: You can. It doesn’t take a long time. Like anything, it takes commitment.

A spiritual dedication to wanting to know the truth. We all know who we are, so that’s a silly question, “Who am I?” We all know who we are, we just want to experience it more. We know why we’re here, but we’re playing dumb, right? And we’re still like, we’ve got one foot in the closet, saying, “I’d like to come out and expose myself in my light and everything, but what are people going to think? And I don’t want my parents to go, “Oh, you’re crazy. Get out of that wuwu stuff.”

See, those kinds of considerations will stop us. So, I think if people would just decide now to be very courageous, which is spiritual strength, and to be out there in the world and really not to care about how you’re going to be received by the world. Your job is to go out there and manifest your presence, in spite of what the world is going to think about that. That takes a lot of courage.

Well, all of us have been assigned a council. I just found something out, that I have a council of 24. So we each have a council of however many that are assigned to us for this life time. These are primarily ascended masters, not only from this realm, but other realms, that are part of our team. If we don’t realize we’ve got this council, this team, we can’t do any team building. We think we’re alone.

I’m learning, because my business is expanding, that I need a team. So also, cosmically speaking, when you expand you need your team with you. You can’t do it all by yourself. You’re not supposed to. You’re supposed to work as a team, so part of the evolutionary spiral thing that earth is on is now collaboration within a team, you’re not going to do it all by yourself. You can’t run your big business by yourself, you need your team, right?

We need our team, and that’s part of our soul group, too; and those are beings that have a same kind of a focus. So, perhaps Lisa is part of a soul group that does teleseminar radio shows, right? So you have collaboration, assistance, with that on the unseen levels; but when you consciously call in your soul group for more support, you’re going to get it.

You may not see it, but it’s going to show up. Healing is when you allow the spirit to guide your life. Your soul, to guide your life, in spite of whatever is occurring in your body in your business, in your relationship, with money, etc. So, think of it this way.

One can be very happy and in an ascended state and not have money. To have a diseased body or a body that’s limited by disability or whatever you want to call it, being alone and no relationship, you can still have this peace of your spirit guiding your life. And so for people to look at that and go “Oh, wow, that person’s got the disability,” …or “They’re living month to month,” but what’s important is that you are happy.

Not your ego, in a sense, of that you allow the soul to guide you, and that brings that peace. Then we educate the ego to accept whatever shows up in your life, and not to fight it, and not to judge it, and not to make it wrong.



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