Past Lives Imprinting

Our pre-birth and early childhood programming, or psychological and emotional imprinting (also called samskaras in India) begins in the womb and continues through early childhood, basically through the first 7-8 years. These imprints are ‘reflections” from past life memories of experiences not healed and completed and usually have to do with our parents and/or guardians.

Contrary to popular beliefs, we are not born as a “blank slate”. Past life memories are carried over to the present life in order for the soul to heal these personality traits, habits, tendencies, fears and phobias. We just don’t live one life and that is it. The soul is immortal and a step down aspect of the I AM Presence.

We are learning to heal the 4 major archetypes that Caroline Myss describes so eloquently in her teachings. We are learning to overcome the Victim, the Wounded Child, the Saboteur and the Prostitute. These archetypes are expressed in our early childhood through relationship with our parents and/or guardians. We eventually learn to become self sufficient, self responsible, self empowered and authentic in our expression.

We are given the opportunity to heal old wounding, trauma and pain through relationships and self reflection. Before birth, on the inner planes, we have our council meeting with our guides and teachers and plan out our life path, purpose, learning goals, parents and potential relationships and marriage (for most). Nothing happens by accident. We experience hardships in order to learn as a soul to overcome and transcend obstacles through love. The historical energy of the old earth was one of harmony through conflict and struggle. The energy calls for learning through joy, peace and cooperation.

Imprints, not healed in early life, will display themselves in adult life as wake up calls, near death experiences, big traumas, accidents (in a manner of speaking), major illnesses and dis-eases, big breakups and losses and any life event that causes post traumatic stress disorder. Imprints will also appear in your Saturn Return (ages 28, 56, 84 +/-), ages 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, etc in order to be healed and in the so-called mid life crisis period of your 40s.

It appears harder to heal these patterns as one gets older in age and it is recommended that souls begin their healing right away. Sometimes old habits are hard to change. No matter what the patterning is, we have the capacity to change, to shift and to heal with the right attitude and energetic posture, so to speak. The human personality does not like change. The soul is all for it. So there is a blending that needs to take place where the ego and soul live in harmony and not in conflict.

In essence, all healing is past life healing and this lifetime for some is the cumulation of all past lives and bringing together all the gifts and knowledge of previous incarnations. The healing with one’s parents is a major step in becoming clear and awake in one’s being. The healing of the body follows the healing of the mind and the emotional body.

We are born with innate gifts of the spirit and some choose to express these gifts and others choose not to. It is a personal choice. The purpose of incarnation to to grow, to learn, to share and to refine and express the energy of love, the energy of compassion, the energy of will and the energy of knowing and presence.

We incarnate in order to learn how to balance the yin and the yang of creation, the light and the dark, the extremes of duality. We were born to learn how to move these opposites into the unified field of oneness where there is no judgment and no right and wrong, good and bad. This world is moving out of the dualistic nature of old paradigms into a world where balance and harmony prevail.

Further thoughts on this subject to be continued at a later date ………



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