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Illuminate Your LightThrough this exclusive program Kenji will be teaching and sharing with you, ALL the ways he has discovered to connect to the higher dimensions and divine helpers so you can reach your ultimate true light potential and beam into higher consciousness. Illuminate now with eternal peace, love and joy in every aspect of your life.

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Kenji accesses, guides and opens the lines of divinity to work directly with you.

  • Discover, possibly for the first time, what your light sounds like.
  • Discover, your conscious vibration, and feel, sense and enjoy the sensation and illumination of your life signature.

Most of you have already asked for the light and to some level have either sensed, heard or felt the vibration and have connected. What if you now take this direct connection from the very beginning, stay connected and Illuminate it higher than your mind’s eye can imagine – that is the sacred light of creation and it is here that few have discovered and even fewer know how to repeatedly visit.

This vibration once activated and arrived at it becomes easier and easier to access -it is a point of creation and from this point you can go beyond anything you have ever known before. This is the access point you feel and desire to be more often! It is here that Kenji will assist you in arriving and bathing in over and over again as we spend these three precious weeks together.


Activation 1 – Receive
54 Min

Invoke your I Am presence, your over-soul and higher mind, to support you in opening to your inner light and the full magnitude of your purpose and destiny in this life. Open and connect your body, mind and soul to all blessings and gifts your are here to be, do, have and create. Receive and open to divine inspiration on all levels of your spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

Activation 2: Transformation Within
55 Min 26 Sec

Detach awareness and tension from your emotional, pain and intellectual bodies. Receive an overview of your life from the eye of the soul. Experience being in stillness, at one with Source, and in full consciousness of all that  lies within you allowing for a greater synthesis of the Divine in your daily life.

Activation 3: Quantum Reset
55 Min 50 Sec

Free yourself from tribal consciousness, generational and familial attachment and cords. Strengthen and clarify your personal boundaries. Ground yourself and connect with the magnetic aupport of mother earth. Reestablish your self-esteem and deepen your connection to your life purpose. Open to clearer communication with your intuition and higher self.

Activation 4: Spiritual Anatomy
51 Min 15 Sec

Enhance your self-awareness. Align with your guides, guardians and gatekeepers, and improve your communication skills with these Divine Beings. Experience the ability to self-heal and self-direct your consciousness. Accelerate your ability to access and magnetize your inner spiritual gifts, the light that is you.

Activation 5: Manifesting the Dream
59 Min 29 Sec

Experience being a catalyst for change in the new world. Open to being a divine expression of peace and gratitude for the world. Discover and know fully what and who you are, and express that state of being naturally. Activate your power and become a pillar of light and stability in a world and time of great chaos and change.

Activation 6: Journey Into Oneness
48 Min 43 Sec

Move out of desire, effort, hope, faith and trust. Move into embodying and BEING the fullest expression of Divine Light that is you. Open to and activate the creation and highest version of you that is Mother, Father, God, Source of all that is. Become a clear and perfect channel for peace, light and love.

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