Full Moon Package 2: 2022 (4 Activations)


4 Activations
Audio & Video Activations
Over 3 Hours of Content

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This package contains 4 Full Moon Events for 2022, including the incredibly powerful Buck Full Moon- Rewriting Ancestral Karma. This bundle contains over 3 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon = Limbic System Healing (50 Minutes)
We will use the power of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to bring deep healing and transformation into your limbic system, your emotional center of the body and balance and harmony to your body’s memory center – your individual memory center as well as the ancestral and collective memory center that is ready for transformation, balance and harmony.Many are ready now for deep emotional purging and cleansing of long held-in emotions and memories that are ready for resolution and healing. The healing of ancient pain and suffering is but a thought away, a choice away from resolution and completion. The release from the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth is but a step away. Let this holy instant be the game changer that shifts you out of density into the light of understanding.

Recorded Live May 16, 2022

Strawberry Full Moon Activation- Healing Historical Stress (43 Minutes)
Many lightweavers have carried within their Field and bodies the historical and ancestral patterns of dysfunction and limitations in an attempt to heal family karmic patterns but to no avail. We are presenting a way to clear your entanglements and enmeshments from these very dense energetic patterns in your 4 lower bodies (etheric, emotional, mental and astral) so that you can begin to be free of these unconscious patterns, memories and past life experiences. There is no need now to carry the burdens of your ancestors, humanity, the church and dogmatic belief systems. If you cannot heal something in your mind or body, it is not yours. Inherited miasms (diseases and mental illnesses) are difficult to heal, unless you know that these patterns are not yours to heal. You took on these patterns in an attempt to heal loved ones, family members, peers and former students and clients. You basically took on the karma of the planet in an attempt to bring light and love to a world that was closed off to such openings and blessings.

Recorded Live June 13, 2022

Buck Full Moon- Healing Ancestral Karma (51 Minutes)
It is now time to release all the old baggage of our ancestors that we inherited through our genetic makeup, ego personality and energy field. It is time to clear the energetic weight of those that came before us all the way down to the subatomic level of our body and aura. It is time to release our need to heal our ancestors and culture. We have lived many lifetimes here and it is now time to set ourselves free from the weight of ancestral burdens, fears, phobias and false beliefs.We will work (playfully) on the subatomic levels of the body and mind to clear up historical debris, stagnation, confusion and unconsciousness. As we do this, it will help our ancestors to do the same, on whatever level they are on. As we clear our ancestral history, our junk dna will be activated so we can begin to express our full potential in this lifetime. We will use the power of this full moon as we shed the past and begin to grow new antlers of knowing and clarity. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded Live July 13, 2022

Sturgeon Full Moon- Rewriting Agreements (46 Minutes)
We will take a deep dive into rewriting some of your most basic agreements that were created in the old matrix of karma, birth, death, and rebirth. We are moving out of and away from the old ways of thinking, believing, behaving, and doing into the new matrix of conscious evolution. Our DNA holds the memories and imprints of past agreements and vows that were made from a state of separation, fear, doubt, lack, worry, and distrust. It is now time to release the influences of this old 3D-4D matrix and move our awareness and creativity into the Zone of freedom, Choice, and Abundance. It is time to reclaim, re-own, and rediscover our true heritage and innate divinity. What is created in separation stays in separation. What is created in divinity lasts forever and contributes to the ongoing flow of Oneness and Unity. By bringing our core misbeliefs and misguided agreements made by the ego in separation into the field of Universal Love, we heal our miscreations and emotional pain and mental suffering through our state of Being and by the Grace and Blessings from the Creator.

Recorded Live August 11, 2022