2023 Special Events Package


9 Meditation Activations
Over 10 hours of content
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This Bundle contains all 9 of the Special Events of 2023. This bundle contains over 10 hours of content. The activations in these classes are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released. Like all my activations, listening to them repeatedly will increase their effects.

In this package you will receive:

Ascension Journey Remembered 2023 (Healing Easter Day Wounds) (58 Minutes):
Kenji leads you on an Activational Event deep within yourself to understand the true meaning of Christ consciousness on the day of Easter. You will come into the NOW moment allowing Earth Mother to totally support your body as you open up all of your chakras for remembrance and renewal. All of Christ’s angelic family is called in as well as the Elementals, your ancestors, pets, guides and your soul group. You will access the Akashic record of your previous lifetime during Yeshua’s time on Earth. Access your field and your consciousness allowing deep knowingness of your relationship with the love and allowance of the Christ consciousness that transcends all religions, dogma and process. There will be an activation of your pineal and pituitary glands and all of the sacred areas within including your telepathic abilities to allow your body to fully receive this anointing and Holy gifts.

St Germain Ascension Day (48 Minutes):
During this May 1st celebratory activation of the beloved St. Germain, his Ascension and his blessings upon humanity, you are invited to an upliftment of your body, your DNA, your RNA and your hormonal systems. St. Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age. This Saint, also known as the Chohan or Lord of the 7th Ray of Transformation, will bring forth his entourage for your purification. As he brings the Violet Flame, the three-fold flame of pink, golden and blue, for your rise into higher energies, you will become lighter and free of old burdens. Anything that has adversely affected your body down to your cellular level will be lifted up and away. Kenji will lead you into your sacred room space which is the belly button area, to bring forth this cleansing, preparing you to assimilate into the energies of the New Earth in these powerfully changing times.

Pre Mother Mary Day (51 Minutes):
Join Kenji in this sacred and gentle activation honoring the Ascended Master Mother Mary. A blessed experience of receiving her Blessings, Grace, Healing and Compassion leaves you feeling surrounded by her Love. The sacred womb space of all, men and women alike, is cleared out and cleansed of all cultural and ancestral misconceptions. The Council of 11, along with Mary, the feminine archetypal Mother Being, bring a healing to our sacred heart center and the 3rd eye. Receive her Divine Love, which is offered to everyone at any time that we need to call on her as has been true for eons of time and which is felt so strongly in this activation. You can actually feel her etheric hands touching your body as her healing force enters you through your chakras.

“We Are Ready” Starseed Gathering (48 Minutes):
A special one hour “starseed” and generation z gathering to channel and anchor 10th dimensional quantum light and sound to humanity and GAIA (new earth). We will hold sacred space for the great shift so GAIA can comfortably make her conscious ascension into the 5th and higher dimensions as we leave the old matrix behind.It is time to stand strong in our knowing, in our faith, in our trust in the Divine. It is time to keep our throat chakra open and functioning. It is time to come out of the shadows of time. Time to shine our light onto the planet. Many Enochian angelics will be with us as well as the enlightened inner earth civilizations. The Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Sanat Kumara/Lady Venus and the Green and White Taras will support our spontaneous meditation. The council of 11 will also be present.

Summer Solstice – Freedom Meditation (49 Minutes):
Join us for a lovely summer solstice Freedom meditation and activation on personal and interpersonal peace and love. There is much Change in the wind and now is the perfect time to learn how to channel the power of Grace and Blessings to yourself, the world, your ancestors and family members. It is time to reclaim and re-know our innate Sovereignty. We truly are god, sovereign and free in the Upper Room. As divine manifestos in form, we have the gifts of the Kingdom and our 3-fold flame in our sacred heart burns bright. We are the power of the Word. Our throat chakra and thyroid gland will have the opportunity to finally heal from the wounds and self imposed limitations of the past. Time to be a clear and perfect channel for oneness.

Pre Mary Magdalene Feast Day – Empowerment (46 Minutes):
We pay tribute to this beautiful Soul and her contribution to the ancient teachings. Let us today honor the divine archetype that Mary of Magdala represented and manifested in her life over 2,000 years ago.The Magdalene Energy lives within each of us, in the depths of our soul. This divine energy carries within it the healing and the love of our Creator. She is a teacher of teachers and taught alongside Jesus as they traveled the known world to spread the Word of Love and Compassion.

“Kick Off” Celebration for AYHC program (173 Minutes):
You are cordially invited to this Live interaction with Kenji on his new AYHC program, its objectives, goals and format. I will answer your questions and share with you the energy, value, benefits, goals and format for my new Signature program. This program will be offered throughout the coming years and is open to 8 dedicated individuals whose focus is self master and ascended consciousness and manifestation. Bring a pen and notebook. All Starseeds and Indigos invited.

“Kick Off” Celebration for the Membership Program (98 Minutes):
You are cordially invited to attend this Free Live presentation and overview on my new and upgraded Membership Program open to all Starseeds and Indigos. I will overview the Membership Program, its value, scope, focus, goals, objectives, format and Bonuses. We will do Q & A and respond in depth to your questions and sharing. We will conclude the evening with an organic and evergreen attunement meditation. During the transition period into the New Earth matrix, it is important for lightweavers and wayshowers to have a safe, supportive and sacred platform to express themselves and receive the ancient teachings. Of value also is a place and time for lightweavers to come together to unite, connect and receive the blessings and grace that is your inherent birthright. The Membership Program is a time of communion and connection where all can come together in union, love and peace.

Winter Solstice-High Heart Chakra Activation (48 Minutes):
In today’s event to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the entrance into the winter months of self reflection, inner healing and accessing one’s true nature, we will activate the High Heart Chakra and the thymus gland for preparation of the arrival of your I AM/Christ Consciousness into the body. The High Heart Chakra is the spiritual counterpart to the heart chakra and is that chakra point where the Soul, the Oversoul, the I AM Presence and Christ Consciousness can express through with universal love, compassion, joy, bliss, neutrality (balance of yin and yang), inspiration, gratitude, wisdom and divine balance and harmony.